10 Books that Changed My Life

I have read a lot of good books. Some are witty, some are entertaining, some have philosophical overtones I agree with, however to actually claim it changed my life it means they actually CHANGED a behavior. Here are ten books that did just that.

1. How Long Do You Choose to Live by Peter Ragnar – after reading this book I stopped drinking tap water and did a 30 day distilled water experiment. When I drank tap water again after 30 days of drinking only distilled water I was able to actually TASTE all the chemicals in the water and have adopted distilled water and vitalized water as my only liquid ever since! It also got me to rethink my views on eating meat and now I aim for eating only one flesh meal a day and eat at least 50% or more my food RAW.

2. The Unveiled Mysteries of Self Mastery by Peter Ragnar – in this book it mentions that if you want to develop an iron will to stop taking medicine for pain. Ever since 2007 I have renounced all pain medicine, the only two exceptions where when I had LASIK eye surgery and a vasectomy.

3. The Spiritual Journey of Joseph Greenstein by Ed Spielman – this is the book that got me to purchase my first Iron Mind bag of nails and add steel bending to my workouts and also got me to start reading and researching on Strongman training and added phone book tearing to my training as well.

4. The Art and Science of Physical Invincibility by Peter Ragnar – here I learned two “isometrics” exercises that I still incorporate into my training every now and then which are the Crane’s Nest and Magnetic Bar of Iron.

5. I Will Be Iron by Bud Jeffries – Yes, I actually did the 1,000 swings workout! I started at 300 swings as my baseline and added 100 swings every week until I reached 1,000. In the end it became more of a meditation. Everyone who trains kettlebells should attempt this once just to through the experience as you will learn a lot about yourself and your body in your quest to reach 1,000 swngs. I also let go of the notion that “no self-respecting kettlebell lifter uses gloves.” I started using gloves for kettlebells after three years of considering it taboo!

6. Hormone Optimization by Mike Mahler – this is actually a PDF that you get when you order some of his Kettlebell DVDs, but in it where the principles I used to build my Testosterone boosting program and it worked! I raised my Testosterone by 127 points NATURALLY! This program is included as a FREE bonus when you order my book Listen Up!

7. The Transformational Power of Fasting by Stephen Harrod Buhner– After reading this book I now fast or juice fast once a week usually from Friday lunch to Saturday lunch. I will have a big salad for lunch on Friday and will not eat solid food until lunch on Saturday. I prefer juice fasting (which some might argue is not fasting, but calorie reduction) to water fasting. I have been noticing that when I workout on Sundays, 24 hours after the fast, my performance actually IMPROVES!

8. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin by Benjamin Franklin – every American should read this book as there are many lessons, but here I learned to allow people to have their own point of view instead of trying to win arguments with my own. Now instead of trying to prove how smart I am or why others may be wrong, my goals is to win friends, and if I ever feel that someone is wrong I start with “I could be wrong about this, but…” always using the soft approach and allowing the other to save face. This is more important that might appear from a first glance, but it will have HUGE impact on your life and peace of mind.

9. The New Psychology of Achievement by Brian Tracy – this is not actually a book, it is a CD course from Nightingale Conant, in here I heard the idea of practicing one skill everyday if you want to improve. So I practiced writing everyday and this got me to write my first book, Listen Up! Any program that actually helps anyone accomplish a life goal, like writing a book – which I am sure is a secret desire of many people, is a valuable addition to ANY library.

10. Listen Up! by Eric Guttmann – I got up at 3:30 a.m. every day and wrote one chapter before heading out to work. Writing this book changed my life and deepened my relationship with Peter Ragnar and Bud Jeffries, two people I highly admire. That is the biggest and unexpected reward that CHANGED my life. Truly, writing a book is as much a life changing process as reading a good one! Write your own book, even if it is just to pass down to your children. If you want to get Listen Up and see how I did it you can get it here.

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  1. Danny Reply

    Hi Eric,
    I have been searching high and low for the exercises outlined in “The art and science of physical invincibility”, the book is no longer available and I’m wondering could you do an article or a YouTube vid outlining those exercises..

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,,



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