A Day in the life – A sneak peek into my Training for Strength, Health and Longevity Part 1

guttmannwkts1I decided to offer a sneak peak into what I am currently doing and why.

As I have mentioned before my workouts usually have four parts: Mobility/Prehab, Heavy Lifts for Strength and Testosterone, Isometric for freaky strength and recovery, and a Finisher for Conditioning and Growth Hormone.

Currently I have begun a training program for strength, health and longevity through hormone optimization that looks something like this:

Day 1 Overhead Press and Squat, Isometric, Finisher (Barbell Compounds)

Day 2 Pullups, Card Tearing, Finisher (Sprints or Sandbag Pickups)

Day 3 Floor Presses, Handstand Training, Finisher (Sledgehammers)

Day 4 Deadlifts, Finisher (3 rounds of 100 punches AFAP)

Here my training journal entry for 6 Sep 15


1. Joint Mobility

2. Roller/Lacrosse Balls

3. Squat/Pullup 50x

4. Wall Squat 10x


Overhead Press (Dead Stop training in the Power Rack top position)

1. 135 x 5

2. 185 x 3

3. 195 x 5

4. 195 x 5

5. 225 x 1

Squat Rest Pause 290lb

1. 135 x 5

2. 225 x 3

3. 275 x 1

4. 290 x 1 / x 10. Perform one perfect rep, rest one minute, then perform another perfect rep, until you hit ten reps.

Due to time constraints I did not do a finisher for this workout

Now for an explanation.

The warm up’s function to prepare and prime the body for physical activity.  Also it should serve as therapy and pre-hab, this means that you are using this time to heal and repair your body as well. Should you do the warm up only you should feel great!

Mobility is the key to health and longevity and I have spoken copious amount about this subject as well as given seminars.  If you want to know exactly what I do then I encourage you to get my FULL Mobility course available here.

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Moving Freely for Life Videos

Roller and Lacrosse balls really help to wake up the body and move lactic acid out.  There have been plenty of times where I did not want to train, but after doing mobility and the roller I was ready and primed for my workout.  There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to use a foam roller. Have at it.

The Squat/Pullup is a great tool I learned from Eric Fiorillo.  I first do 25 squat/pullups real slow to warm up the joints, opening the body at the bottom of the squat and pulling with my lat to come up, changing my grip constantly.  The second set of squat/pullups are done fast and dynamically, they feel like jump Hindu squats.

Here is what Squat/Pullups look like.

Finally, there is nothing better to prepare you for the squat than to do a couple of wall squats!  These have great therapeutic value on their own and done prior to squatting really help to set the groove.  Here is an explanation and demonstration of the wall squat.

OK, now lets move on to the workout!

First I start off with OH Press using dead stop training.  Here is some video explaining and demonstrating what I am doing.

These are my work sets.

And finishing with 225lbs for one rep, focusing on using structure and no momentum.

Then I move on to squats doing 10 perfect reps in Rest/Pause fashion.  When I can do ten perfect reps with the weight then I add 5lbs the next week.  If I do not get 10 perfect reps then I stay at that weight until I can do ten perfect reps. I am happy to report I will be doing 295lbs in my next squat workout. 😉

Here is some video explaining and demonstrating the squat portion:

As you can see the main purpose of this workout was to open and prime the body and build strength while boosting Testosterone through the use of the heavy lifts. No bravado, no screaming, no “beast” mode – just a clear purpose and the execution of a plan designed for strength, health and longevity.  It is by training in this relaxed and efficient manner that you get to live as long as you can as best as you can! 😉

In the next article I will explain how I use pullups to work on posture, card tearing for grip strength, and a sandbag to boost my conditioning and Growth Hormone output. Stay tuned…


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