Hello friends and welcome back to the third installment of the a Day in the Life series where I basically transcribe a page out of my training journal and lay it out for you.


1. Joint Mobility

2. Shoulder Y, T, W, L x 12

3. Squat/Pullup 50x


1. Dead Stop Floor Press

1.  135 x 5

2.  195 x 3

3.  235 x 7

4. 235 x 7

5. 185 x 3

6.  135 x 5

2.  Workman Finisher – Sledgehammers! 1 min heavy/1 min rest/1 min light/1 min rest x 3 sets

3.  Isometric/Handstand Training to improve posture (I will post a full article on this later with video explaining it in detail)

1.  Squat Hold 80lbDBs x 2 1 min

2.  Handstand Hold 1 min

3.  Bar of Iron. 1 min

4.  Headstone 1 min

5.  Tripod to Handstand x 5

OK, now for some explanation.

On the markups same as before, but when I do presses or shoulder work I really like to include the Y, T, W, L exercises:

Then I move on to Dead Stop Floor Presses, which might be one of the safest ways to train the press.

Then I move on to a finisher I call workman’s comp, for workman’s compound, it is a combination of heavy and light sledgehammer swings.  Last set I do single arm sledgehammer swings as a mobility exercise. When done correctly the heavy sledge feels great for the shoulders, even though it will smoke you, and when you follow it up with the high reps from the lighter sledge it will have your forearms screaming! When you are done you feel like you have done a meditation – your mind is clear and silent, and when you take your shirt off you will have veins popping out your shoulders, chest, and forearms. Good stuff. 😉

Stay tuned for the Posture article where I show you how to improve your posture and structural position of the body using isometrics!

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