Adventures in Grounding and Intimacy

In a previous article on the Three Alchemical Healers I mentioned grounding. I have been playing around with this concept and during a recent kids soccer game I participated in a little experiment that brought interesting results both in my health and intimacy.

I attend these games in my Turkish sandals and as soon as I hit the soccer field I am barefoot, feeling the grass upon my feet. However, the last two times I have laid belly down on the grass and watched the game that way. What is interesting is that you sometimes even get to feel the vibration of the earth as you relax and start paying attention to how your body feels.

This means that I was in direct contact with the ground with MOST of my body for over an hour. This creates a much more powerful effect than just walking barefoot or sitting with your bare feet on the ground for the same amount of time. Also you get to notice how ACTIVE the ground is with its myriad of insects moving busily along. In the span of one soccer game a million little tasks where performed by these little bugs, flying or crawling from one leaf of grass to another, sometimes just peering at me and observing this human who has chosen to lay completely flat on the soccer field instead of sitting on the metal stands like everyone else.

I invited my wife to try this out with me and we both took our time laying down on the ground. Sometimes we would sit to vary our posture, but for the most part we were having maximum contact with all our body to the ground.

After the game we were so relaxed it felt as if we were in a meditation. As we drove the kids to eat I would look at my wife and smile mischievously as if we were in on a joke that no one else knew. Our kids annoying behaviors of one picking on the other did not seem to bother us as much, we were just as mellow and relax as we could be. We could take a nap on the spot or just keep on talking, it did not matter, everything seemed simpler and clearer and our energy levels was smooth and relaxed.

As the day progressed things got intimate and the most wonderful thing happened. I will not go into details, but it felt like we were literally at the beach. Our bodies inside the bedroom felt as if we were on the beach naked with the sun gently warming our bodies and that fresh sea breeze caressing our bodies and filling our lungs with fresh air. I asked my wife about this because I thought it was just me, but she felt the same thing, “like if we were on the beach.” This relaxed “at the beach” feeling greatly enhanced the feeling of intimacy between us and made the whole experience a lot more pleasurable and interesting.

Afterwards we both had the most deeply relaxing state of motionlessness. In today’s hectic world we seem to always be rushing somewhere and wherever we are we are thinking about the 500 things we need to do. My wife and I were both able to be completely motionless and have our minds completely blank. It was as much a deep meditation as I have ever done (and I have done many!) WITHOUT any of the effort or “trying” to get it right. All this from just grounding during a soccer game with the kids!

I urge you to incorporate more grounding into your life and if you have a partner to incorporate her or him as well into the practice so you can experience this as a couple. If my experiences are indicative of what these shared groundings can bring into your relationship, then I expect to receive a lot of happy e-mails with couples smiling from ear-to-ear.

What amazed me the most about this is that you DO NOT have to do anything to get it right! Just be in contact with nature in a way that her body touches yours. That’s it! How simple can that be?

If you want to truly rejuvenate your body then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you add joint mobility to your grounding routine. My BEST results come when I do my joint mobility in a natural setting like barefoot on a park or on the beach. My preferred method is to walk silently for about 30 minutes barefoot, matching my thought patterns to he ones I see in nature, then do my FULL mobility, and then do Qigong. This is a recipe for a long, healthy and HAPPY life!

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Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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