Blessing in Disguise – Part 1

Sometimes when life kicks you in the nuts it can be a blessings in disguise. – Part 1

About two weeks ago I decided to remove some of the clutter from my life. I went through different areas of my house looking at things I no longer used or needed. As I found them I would make a decision to either throw or give them away .

Well, now in retrospect I see that when you set an intention it can encompass a lot more than what your rational mind thought it meant at the moment.

I have done this in the past as it always gives me a boost of energy. As you remove more and more things in your life you no longer use it creates a vacuum, attracting new things into your life. Then you get excited about it and keep on looking for more and more things to organize, declutter, and get rid off.

Two Sundays ago that was no exception. I had been clearing clutter from my workspaces and putting it in the garage all day long. As night came I saw one more thing I could remove from my desk and put in the garage.

However, even though I had made this trip about ten times today I did not count on one of my boys leaving his scooter right at the very entrance of the garage. As I stepped into the dark garage to turn on the light my foot landed on the scooter, twisting and violently thrusting it forward while slamming it into the hard concrete. I felt and heard a sound much akin to biting into an apple and knew that this was serious. After screaming a few expletives (OK maybe a LOT of expletives) with my foot in the air I decided to see if I could walk. I slowly put my foot on the ground and I could stand. By the time I limped from the garage to the living room my ankle had swollen to the size of a baseball.

I was working on a new plan (perhaps a new product) and I LOVED my plan. I would do two hard workouts a week where I would do the seven basic motions of human movement. I would do a High Intensity Sprint Workout every 4th workout . I was trying it out with a couple of friends from work and they loved it. My goal was much more than just “working out.” This training was to serve as therapy for the whole body. Spines were lengthened, lower backs were pain free, brains were rejuvenated, hormones were optimized, and both the heavy and explosive movements were trained safely and efficiently. This is how you train when you want to be able to train forever.

Further, I was going to add Parkour and AcroYoga on Saturdays as “skill work”, recovery, and social interaction. Of course with my ankle the way it was my so-called plan was going to have to wait and I have re-focused my efforts on healing my ankle. As they say in the military, “no plan survives first contact!”

As I reflected on this I realized that the main caused was LACK OF AWARENESS! Instead of checking the ground like I did the first time I stepped into the garage, I assumed it was safe because I had done it multiple times that day. Had I been more aware I would have noticed the scooter and stepped over it instead of on it.

I like to “over-react” to events in a positive way. So I am now making it a goal to strengthen my feet to the utmost of my ability. Thanks to all the mobility work I do I prevented a break or fracture, however this exposed a chink in my armor. So now I am going to become FANATICAL about foot strengthening. Forget rehab, I will double or triple the foot strength I had before this incident!

As you can see, when I decided to remove the clutter from my life, it also meant any thoughts and habits that no longer served me to create a vacuum for better things. With the strengthened feet I will have as I emerge from this temporary setback I will be able to have a much STRONGER FOUNDATION than I ever had in my life. This will allow me to engage in any other activity, whether it be Parkour, AcroYoga or Fencing with much greater ease and confidence.

While I may have temporarily placed my original plan on hold, I have modified my training to include more internal work, weighted breathing, and isometrics. I am now even more excited to see what the end result is and I am confident this is a great lesson.

Another thing I noticed while I did my mobility in the morning was that I had a serious face instead of my usual smile. I realized that when you are in constant pain it affects your whole being. After seeing my expression in the mirror I decided to force myself to smile. As silly as it sounds, little by little I started to feel like my old self. Now I choose to smile in the morning, regardless of how I feel, and carry that feeling through the day.


Hopefully you can incorporate some of these lessons without having to injure yourself.

1. What areas of your life have you gotten blindsided? Where would more awareness be beneficial to you?

2. In what areas do you have a weak foundation? What can you do to have the strongest foundation in that area of your life? Remember it could be anything from physical, mental, emotional, financial, relationship wise, spiritual, etc.

3. Look at yourself in the mirror as you are getting ready to go to work. What is your expression and overall demeanor? Is that how you want to look and feel? What if you just smiled in the mirror (even if you have to force it) as you did your morning routine and as you shave, brush your teeth, shower, etc? Give this a try and see if it changes your mood and expression for that day. Try it for a week and see if you prefer it to the “old” way of doing things.

All my best,
Eric Guttmann


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