Blessing in Disguise Part 3 – When the blessings arrive.

In the previous two installments of this series I mentioned how life kicked me in the nuts with an ankle injury, affecting my training plans, and certain matters at work.  I also said that these can be blessings in disguise.

When life kicks you in the nuts you can mope and go “boo-ho, woe is me” or you can see it as a sign to change and improve.

I have adopted the following routine in the morning designed to “weaponize” and protect myself physically, mentally and spiritually.

1. Meditation – I release all tension from each bodypart starting from the head down to the feet. Then I release all tension from my mental and emotional bodies. This gives me greater mental and emotional control throughout the day and allows me to digest my morning concoction before I go inverted.

2. Eischens Yoga – this could also be called isometric yoga. I remembered that Jon Hinds recovered from a severely injured knee in one month of practice. My goal is 30 days straight of practice and we’ll see what happens. I can feel how the isometric component lengthens the body and works on the tendons and ligaments. I perform handstands and headstands which is great since I am not doing my gravity boots due to the stress that they put on my ankle.

3. 1-10 Spiritual Protection – this is a Qigong taught by Jerry Alan Johnson and is the best way I have found to “connect to heaven and earth” which is the goal of many qigong and meditation practices. This practice is a spiritual protection which carries throughout the day. Energy healers use it before working on patients to protect their own energy field and avoid absorbing dark energies from patients.

4. True Strength Yang – this is a DVD program put out by Dragon Door which I bought but never had the time to get into. The main idea is to “weaponize” your body using controlled body slapping techniques which allow you to “recover from blows and other contact-injuries.” Well, now I have made the time and I am doing it daily.

5. Rebounder – I use a cellercise rebounder for 10 minutes with my original goal of aiding to remove fluid in my ankle since the lymphatic system is responsible for removing the swelling. However, I notice how it is affecting my whole lymphatic system positively. I also use the rebounder to do my standing cross-crawl patterns to rewire my vestibular system.

Nutritionally I now start my morning with the following concoction to rebuild my tendons and ligaments:
1. 6,000 mg collagen
2. 2,000 mg MSM
3. 1,000 mg Vitamin C
4. 1 tsp Sole

While I am waking up at 4:00 am to knock all this out because I am learning and implementing as I go. I can see the potential to incorporate it into a cohesive whole that takes 15-30 minutes to perform.

For example, in Eischens Yoga there is an emphasis of focusing on the “shins forward, thighs back” which serves to activate the whole body and drive the feet into ground.

After doing it for 3 days I noticed that my body did it automatically when I started to do the 1-10 qigong providing a deeper and better experience.

As I start to make the connections between these previously unknown disciplines to my body I feel like I am standing in the precipice of a new area of discovery for preparing the body for longevity and anything that life throws at you.

As for my workouts, my good buddy Vince Uttermohlen gave me some great ideas to strengthen my feet which I have incorporated as my warmup.

First I do 400 barefoot steps with a 45lb plate overhead: 100 steps on the balls of the foot, 100 steps on the heels of the foot, 100 steps on the inside edge of the foot, and 100 steps on the outside edge of the foot.

I then do an interesting version of the loaded carries he mentioned: I do a heavy farmer’s walk in one hand, usually 70lbs, and a light overhead carry in the other hand, usually 35lbs. I do half a lap of the indoor track like and then I switch sides and finish the lap. Boom, foot strengthening and “warmup” complete.

I can really feel how I am building a foot foundation that I will keep long after my ankle has healed 100%. That feet routine takes a little over five minutes to perform and because you are also doing the farmer’s walk and overhead it connects your whole body as one unit. I did my first deadlift workout since the accident last week and my body was primed just from that short routine! I also incorporate short bouts of barefoot running to strengthen the feet.

Would I be doing all these things if I had not had the injury? No. Will I keep a lot of what I have learned long after I heal up? Yes! I will keep on distilling these currently separate disciplines until I can make them uniquely my own.

Now I will go and do a sledgehammer workout with my wife!

Oh yes, as for work, my boss liked the “plan” I proposed to him and because I knocked out in two days something that had been stagnating for 6 weeks he called me into his office and let me know I was doing a good job!

All my best,
Eric Guttmann

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