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How to Lower your Blood Pressure

Anybody that wants to live a long and healthy life is going to have to get their blood pressure under control. I have been getting my blood pressure checked on a regular basis ever since I was in acupuncture school. For the most part it has been 120/79. When I was taking ephedrine in college

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Anyone that starts delving deeply into health and longevity is sooner or later going to come up with the subject of immortality in the course of their research. While this can be a heated debate sometimes, I am going to summarize in the simplest and direct way what I have found out. 1. Taoist Immortality

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10 Ways to Increase Recovery

Just as important as raising your mental toughness is increasing your recovery quotient. Here are some ways I have found from personal experience to increase recovery. Try them out and let me know how they work for you. 1. Have a do nothing day I originally got this idea from one of Bruce Lee’s books.

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