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Muscle Mysticism

People ask me what I do all the time. It seems that if you are not doing either a bodybuilding or cross fit type workout people have a hard time understanding what it is you do. When asked “what are you training for?” my answer is “LIFE!” I tell people that I am training to

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When life kicks you in the head after you are on the ground from getting kicked in the nuts it can also be a blessing in disguise. Part 2

A week ago I wrote an article about blessings in disguise and how my ankle injury has served as a catalyst for me to become fanatical about foot strengthening and increasing my awareness. Well, before this realization hit me, I was still limping in to work and I made the mistake of scheduling one of

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How to increase Health and Happiness through systematic lifestyle dopamine stimulation and activation. Part 1

I recently saw a documentary on Netflix regarding happiness. What I liked about it was that they really approach it from a scientific and practical point of view. What the researchers discovered was that happiness was closely related to your body’s ability to both produce dopamine and your ability to actually uptake dopamine through the

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