Cold Water Dousing – How To Do It and Benefits

While preparing to give my Vestibular Reset and Joint Mobility seminar at Constant Motions in Sarasota, FL I had a chance to get to know my friend Vince Uttermohlen a little better. Among the many things we talked about in setting up for the seminar was his Russian Systema experience and how mobility and being loose is something very important that resonated with him and which he believed the people who attended his gym (who were not Systema practitioners) needed to learn and benefit from.

What really caught my attention was when he started talking about Cold Water Dousing. He has known Vladimir Vasiliev for something like 10 years and he has never known him to be sick thanks to Cold Water Dousing. Vince himself has two young children and when he does it religiously he remains immune to even the most pestilent of childhood illnesses even if it knocks out everybody in his house out. OK, now I am interested! I want to learn to do this Cold Water Dousing from Russian Systema.

Russian Martial Art

Russian Martial Art

It turns out it is a very simple procedure. I explain and demonstrate it all here in this youtube video:

However here is the simplified checklist

1. Get two 5 gallon buckets and fill them with cold water. I use 10lbs of ice per bucket to get them cold because I am in Florida, if you live up North then use snow. I use 5lbs of ice for my children.

2. Get yourself barefoot standing on actual ground (not concrete or in your shower) and stand before the first bucket.

3. Dump the first bucket over your head. Preferably slowly. Once you are done normalize yourself with your breathing. Then once you are completely over the shock of the first bucket walk on over to the second bucket.

4. Dump the second bucket over your head. Normalize yourself again with the breathing.

5. Stay outside for a while, you may dry yourself with a towel, but avoid going immediately into the warm comfort of your home or some other climate controlled environment.

6. That’s it! Now feel euphoric for the next couple of hours.

Once you start doing it others might want to follow. Here are some of my children doing Cold Water Dousing as well:

The list of benefits are many. Here is what my friend Vince Uttermohlen initially indicated:

“If done properly and regularly with a cycle in the morning and one in the evening, some of the benefits include:

Control over mind and breathing;
Removal of fear and stress;
Stimulation of the nervous system;
Increase in immune system activity;
Core temp “flash” kills bacteria and viruses;
Increases metabolism;
Improves oxygen intake in tissue and cells;
Stimulates glandular activity;
Reduces pain threshold;
Helps muscles, bones, tendons and nerves recover more quickly after training;
And these are just a few. Many studies around the world are being conducted currently to also assist in repair of specific diseases, disorders and stroke.”

Some other interesting benefits mentioned by other practitioners include: Relieves Depression, Keeps Skin and Hair Healthy, Strengthens Immunity, Inreases Testosterone (ok, do you need any more reasons now?), and Better Sleep.

I can tell you that the experience is quite amazing and I jokingly call it a Spiritual Tequila Shot or Mediation Steroids because in the two short minutes it takes to do it it will put your mind and body into the equivalent of a 20-30 minute deep meditation. Try it!

Now you see why doing alternating hot and cold showers inside the house does not have the same effect and benefits as Cold Water Dousing while you are grounded to the Earth.

In final analysis this might be the best way to do it:

Cold Water

Cold Water

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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