Last week one of my Army colleagues was talking about concepts like Glory and how people should refrain from looking for it, because it is in large part a matter of destiny.

On a lighter note, my brother-in-law and I were once having a conversation regarding destiny and free will. He looks at me and says “Yes Destiny is true! Unless you don’t like it and then you can change it.” I have frequently thought about this because there is a lot of wisdom to his words.

If you look at your life you will quickly realize there have been destiny changing moments. I have come to understand that while we are individuals, we do ALIGN ourselves with thought currents and these take us places. When I was young I believed that I was making my mark on the world and all the ideas I generated were my own and extremely unique. I am slowly coming to the conclusion that it appears that the unique choice you DO exert is on where you ALIGN yourself regarding the thought streams of humanity and where these thought streams take you.

If you get on the streams of limitations, then you will find yourself surrounded with like minded people and you will have the synchronistic events of meeting people who express the ideas you have thought about in private.

If you get on the stream of BECOMING and SELF-ACTUALIZATION, you will also find yourself surrounded with like minded people and you will also have synchronistic events, you may even read about ideas you were thinking about in private and wonder about the generation of information. It seems as though we can tap into an information and guidance field and that this information is delivered to all in the thought stream. The difference is how receptive we are.

If you are struggling with pain in your joints and you STAY in that thought stream then you will have pain for the rest of your life and can find solace in the company of people who are also in pain and will blame it on “aging” or “genetics” and who find relief in stronger and stronger pharmaceutical meds that eventually destroy your body internally.

If you want to get out of that thought stream then you can start by taking OWNERSHIP of your body. The best way I know how from my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is joint mobility. If you want to start changing your life and your alignment to the correct thought stream then I highly recommend you start incorporating mobility training into your life.

If you are struggling with weight and health issues and you STAY in that thought stream then you will be overweight and out of breath for the rest of your life and can find like minded people who will justify this on “big bones” or “genetics” or “emotional eating” or “stress and cortisol production.”

Again, you can pick up your canoe and walk over to the adjacent thought stream going in the OPPOSITE direction and take full OWNERSHIP for you weight and health. The best way I know how from my own PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is the process I went through that became Extreme Military Fitness. I highly recommend that you get that course if you are looking for a simple (even though challenging) way to get in shape and increase your conditioning.

Extreme Military Fitness Basic If you find yourself in a rut then you can STAY there and perhaps enjoy the biggest feeling of satisfaction and camaraderie in the myriad of people who join together and blame outside forces for their situation in life. Yes, REJOICE, it is NOT your fault! It is the government, the big corporations, the greedy rich that never give, the poor that only take, the Republicans, the Democrats, the guns, the drugs, the criminals, society, the banks, the economy, the ecology, etc. If you want to adopt another point of view and get in the thought stream of owning your life and creating the changes that YOU desire, then I highly recommend Listen Up!, which we are in the process of re-titling “The SELF-RELIANCE MANIFESTO” because that is what accurately sums up what that book is all about. If you want to increase your ability to rely on yourself and decrease your dependency on others and outside forces then get Listen Up! here:

All my best,
Eric Guttmann

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