My wife’s mom passed away recently.  Ever since this happened this has opened a new door from my wife’s point of view as she searches for answers and ways to adapt and understand this new reality.  You see, my wife and her mom had one of the most beautiful mother-daughter relationships I had ever seen, they were truly best friends and really enjoyed each other’s company.

Because of this I have now become aware of many different authors and persons I would not have normally known or associated with.  I have taken my wife to mediums and sat in on those meetings.  We spent the first 30 minutes just proving that they are really in contact with the right person and I personally heard phrases that only her mother would say.  For example the medium relayed “Your mom says she can finally sleep now” and we both knew that she had problems sleeping in the end and she longed for rest, coupled with intimate knowledge of ALL our family members.

A very interesting comment that the medium said was that when you engage in any activity the spirits that are skilled in that activity may come to your aid and provide guidance.  He mentioned that when I write I may get inspirations that come from another dimension, the same with music and all disciplines.  Hence he put forth the warning about being very careful in what we think and do, because these become beacons that attract the beings that are in resonance with our thoughts and actions.

Hence thought, feeling and action discipline become very important to our time here on earth and whatever it is we wish to accomplish.  I once met a Colombian Naval Officer who told me that we could all become saints and then asked me if I knew what a saint was.  I replied with “OK, tell me” and his response was “when what we think, say, and do is the same thing.”  I find this definition of sainthood very interesting as it speaks to the core of having integrity in your being, and of course it takes a LOT of discipline to constantly align these three faculties to be one and the same.

Books and videos that I perhaps would have never read or seen are also filling my house.  Of particular note are books and movies coming in from Brazil.  There was a famous medium called Chico Xavier and he wrote something in the likes of 412 manuscripts from a spiritual guide called Emmanuel via automatic writing.  This spiritual guide is portrayed in the movie Astral City and Chico Xavier, two great movies to consider getting if you are more interested in the subject.  While Astral City can be obtained in Portuguese with English subtitles, I do not know if Chico Xavier can be obtained this way as the version I saw was in Portuguese with Spanish subtitles.

One of the scenes that most impacted me from the Chico Xavier movie was when the spirit Emmanuel presents himself to Chico who could always see spirits since he was very young.  Chico had a spiritual calling and wanted to embark on the path. Emmanuel said there were only three rules.  “What is the first one?” asks Chico. With a stern and focused face Emmanuel replies “Discipline.” Chico accepts this and asks “What is the second one?” Again the reply comes “Discipline.”  Chico accepts this and says “and the third?“Discipline!” is the answer that is given along with the admonition that he will need to write over 400 books in this lifetime.  For the rest of his life Chico spent all his nights receiving messages from Emmanuel and transcribing them.  All the proceeds of these books where donated to charities that helped the poor.  Chico did not personally profit from this work as he earned a living for most of his working life as a government clerk.

This means that discipline is the key and cornerstone to the kind of life we want to have and who we want to become, both of what it will make of us and of the beings and energies that we attract into our life.  I know from personal experience that the act of disciplining myself to write Listen Up! changed my life.


The discipline I put myself through in training through all the 12 weeks of Extreme Military Fitness and then writing the course changed my life and brought me to the attention of Bud Jeffries who liked it and wanted Strongerman.com to carry it as a product.


The discipline of doing joint mobility has allowed me to own my body and now I can teach it to others.  Every time I give a seminar and help others more things are revealed to me regarding the way the body works.  The first time this happened I felt that I had uncovered it, but now I humbly accept that the information is given to me to the degree that I help others and make good use of what has already been given to me.

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Start a discipline in your life, any discipline, the one that resonates the most with you at this time or the one you know you NEED to implement right now, and see where it takes you.  You will become a different person, a better person.

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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