Drop the Bowling Ball on Your Results

“What’s more effective to make a dent in the floor, dropping 1,000 pins or one bowling ball?”

The following question was conveyed to me when my friend Ed Strachar mentioned how submitting small ads in the paper for his Reading Genius seminars would get little to no traction (the 1,000 pins), but when he partnered with the right marketer they put a full front page ad in the paper and he sold out 9 seminars in Australia when they only planned for 6 (dropping the bowling ball).

“Here is a video of my friend Bud Jeffries having a bowling ball dropped on his stomach to demonstrate this point.”

The same applies to you health, strength, and fitness pursuits.  Are you simply doing a workout here and a workout there?  Do you read a magazine and pick out a couple of workouts one week and then change the next time you see another fitness magazine?  Do you just arrive at the gym with no plan thinking that you are at Arnold’s level and are going to use the “intuitive method” like he mentions in The Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding?  Do you change the focus of your training before you get results?  Or worse, do you just pedal on a stationary bike at a leisurely pace while you read a magazine?  Are you using the same workout for the last 3 years and notice that you have stagnated?

If any of the above questions triggered something in you, then perhaps consider that you are using the 1,000 pins approach.  If you want to drop the bowling ball on your results then you need a PLAN.  You need to focus on the key components you want to develop for a determined period of time and actually STOP doing all other things that take away from your energy and recovery.

In my personal case I have spent the last year working on a plan to develop STRENGTH, CONDITIONING and MENTAL TOUGHNESS.  I worked it into a 12 cycle training system and created the structure that allows you to focus on the key components and remove all things that take away from achieving this goal.

The plan is simple and effective, even though it will be TOUGH to carry out to completion.  Tough, but very achievable when followed as prescribed. You see, the plan allows for building up and acclimatizing to the increased workloads.  You are going to be doing double kettlebell drills with 70%-80% of your bodyweight using the big compound movements and some gymnastic drills for strength.  You are going to be taking the best of the explosive drills that MMA fighters use to get in shape for your conditioning.  You are going to be training your mental toughness by doing a drill that trains you to love the unlovable: burpees, mountain climbers, and farmer’s walks when you are tired.

It takes time and research to find the correct way to blend all these things together so that you have synergy.  If you do it wrongly you simply waste energy, halt your progress, and perhaps get injured.  If you do it right then 1+1=3, meaning that the combination of exercise work on one another to build you up stronger and faster than by doing them individually or separately.

If you need to shake up your training and go to the next level then I am going to suggest that you get Extreme Military Fitness Elite right now and COMMIT to a 12 cycle program where you forsake all others!  That’s right, avoid trying to add five spinning classes, grip work, 10 mile runs, and anything other than the sport that you compete in.  If you do not compete in any sport or are not involved in a discipline then just follow the plan as is written.

Three months from now you can still be dropping pins and getting nowhere with your training or you can drop the bowling ball and emerge a stronger, more conditioned, and more mentally tough version of yourself, the choice is yours. Order Extreme Military Fitness Elite today and let me know of your results!

Extreme Military Fitness Elite

Extreme Military Fitness Elite

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann


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