Eric Guttmann Interview – Part 1

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Here is a complete transcript of the Eric Guttmann Interview – Part 1 video:

Bud: Hi everybody. God bless you all. Thank you so much for hanging out with us and showing up at or, or any of the websites or millions of places that might have led you to us. I’m here to introduce you to my friend, Eric Guttman, and he has a special guest with him I’m going to let him introduce. This is of course the very famous Bianca Patricia.

Some of you may have seen her in one of the YouTube videos where she’s actually hitting the sledgehammer and the sprints along with me and if you have the Extreme Military Fitness course, you know she’s right there on the dedication because every time that I’ve worked out in this house or in the backyard, she comes in and she demands to train with me. When I do joint mobility in the morning, she’ll go up into my room and just like watch me that if I blow out the foam rowers since I’m at three, she’ll pull one out and do it with me.

So I was going to be interviewing again and she just sat down. I said, well, you know, this is par for the course. This is how she is the whole time. I’ve got four children and of all the children, she is the most adventurous. When I do acupuncture on my wife and I just did do acupuncture on you, my three boys I’ve seen that and they said, “No thanks.” She has come to me and demand that I put acupuncture needles on her and there’s actually a picture on Facebook where I have stuck 36 needles on both her little legs and I have the picture up there so very cool.

EG: You’re just too cool, especially with that Hello Kitty. Very cool.

Bud: So as you guys all know. I’m going to ask questions but let Eric introduce himself and what I’m going to talk about real quick is challenging yourself. You’re watching this as part of a free download, part or free gift and it’s all challenging yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and helping building your life in every way physically. So I want to talk to you a little about who you are if they don’t know you and this is sort of the point is that I introduce everybody and say what’s up.

So Eric and I met through friends and through the internet and we’ve kind of circled around each other through different people, multiple, the hardcore, physical and especially the hardcore combined with the mental, spiritual, emotional world is kind of a small world. So you go mention it to everybody, what with the other. So I’m going to get some high points and we’ll let you tell everybody a little about yourself.

So Eric is a currently active US Naval officer, a former combat pilot, a soldier in the year 1998. He has been in three of the four branches of the military, has written two courses that we’re publishing, Listen Up!, an amazing book about just getting your body in gear and get life done, very motivational and Extreme Military Fitness, which you may or may have not seen yet but is really kick- butt course in using body weight and kettlebells to get in great shape, a husband, father, combat soldier, a liaison soldier so intelligence soldier, not in the martial arts, acupuncturist, Krav Maga instructor, and I’m sure he can get about a million meds so if you can give everybody some highlights or something about who you are and what you do.

Eric: Well, like Bud said, my friends I’m doing the tour of services because I started out as a journalist and public affairs specialist with the army. I was a sergeant. I finished my degree and while I was working on my Education degree, I was talking ten-style tai chi. I asked my sifu, what do I need to do to be really good in tai chi and he says, “Well, you know, Eric, all the very good tai chi practitioners are very well versed in Chinese Medicine. So I said well then I’m going to study Chinese medicine. Watch me. I got on a plane, went to New York, went to Mercy College, started learning acupuncture.

When I was taking my summer and Christmas breaks so I would come to my father, he had a computer school called the Computer Institute and I would teach to make money because you’ve got to eat while you’re doing college, and I met a colonel from the Army. He says, “Hey, Eric, you know if this whole acupuncture thing doesn’t pan out for you, my wife is a recruiter for the air force and we need pilots and navs. So I’m just giving you a heads up.’ My first son was about to be born, Max. I was thinking about it with my wife and I said, “I’m going to go into this whole aviation thing. I’ve never thought about it.”

So I got acupuncture here and here and I still would have to have one more year to do the internship so I said I’m going to go naval aviation. Now here’s the story of perseverance. I went to the air force and I passed every single test and right about as I was a to begin the flight program, the ophthalmologist, of all people, says, “Hey, Eric, you know a new instruction came out and you cannot  have more than 2.75 corrected lenses to fly and you’re a 4.0. So would you like to be maintenance instead of a pilot or a nav?

I said what? And I’ll tell you for the first second, I was almost like, oh well. But then after that first second, I got pissed and I said every branch of the military has an aviation branch. The Army has Nuevos [phonetic 0:05:49.7]. The Marine have got F-18s, they’ve got HELOS [phonetic 0:05:53.6], naval aviation and the Air Force. So the Air Force is the one saying hey, this instruction. I had to make runs for a short. I went to the base exchange to get the sign for the first rank of an officer, ensign [phonetic 0:06:06.9] just to remind me of my commitment.

The minute I touched the barge, a friend of mine from college says, “What are you doing?” I tell him my story and he says, “Funny story, I just got commissioned in the Navy and they’re looking for NFOS, which is Naval Flight Officer, and if you want to, we’ll see if we can get you in.” I go to his office. I said let me look at the reqs for the eyes. I qualified as long as I corrected to 20/20. I’ve had LASIK by now so I’ve always had 20/15.

So after doing a stint in the Air Force as what they would call military police, I went in to the Navy for the flight program where I was Naval Flight Officer with BQ2 [phonetic 0:06:48.5], stationed in Rota, Spain. We did seven deployments, four to the Middle East, two to the Far East, and one to the Mediterranean. When I came back, I transferred into what you could call the diplomatic core of the Navy which is called the Foreign Area Officer Program. I got accepted and now I’ve been all over Latin America, helping to bridge ties between the US Navy and the navies of Latin America.

Of course, you know I had the acupuncture training, I’ve got the flight training, I’ve got the language and cultural training, and when I was taking command of Krav Maga, I really got a chance to train in a different way they call the Leap Combat Fitness, I guess we go straggle here, and I realized that I thought I was training healthy because I was doing body building-type workouts and it really opened my mind to training with body weights and you’re whole body as a single unit. That is a lot of what is in the Extreme Military Fitness course, my journey to gain the most conditioned I can without weights.

An interesting story is that for four months, I did not run a single day. When I had my physical readiness test, the PRT, I actually ran 15 seconds faster. I know 15 seconds doesn’t sound like much but when you have your time that you’re good when you can shave 15 seconds of your mile and a half run, that’s actually pretty impressive. And to do it without running a single time?

Bud:  Well, because you’re running that, because that totally eliminates the nervous sufficiency of running. If you’re running all the time, you’re good at running. That just means you’re in good shape, where you’re in real good shape

Eric:  Exactly.

Bud:  And there are so many things I can talk about there. Tell me about some of the longevity aspects and of things that you do because we just sort of talked about some of the hardcore things, but I know you also have a skin cream care company.

Eric:  I have an anti-aging and youth company called Zenith Youth Systems. Our first product is called Zenith Youth Matrix which is possibly the world’s first skin cream to use pharmaceutical grade ingredients. The other thing is that it only uses good ingredients.

We actually work with All American Pharmaceutical, which is the fourth largest manufacturer of vitamins in the United States. They actually had to recalibrate all their equipment to make this product actually be sort of a transdermal vitamin and the effects we have on especially women past their fifties where it really needs hydration is amazing and I’ll tell you why.

It is a product based on goat’s mill cream which has alpha-hydroxy acids which help to tighten skin. Next we have pharmaceutical grade collagen. There’s a big difference between cosmetic or topical grade and pharmaceutical grade. That means it’s pure enough to go inside the body. Pharmaceutical grade collagen because it is the building structure of all skin, especially the one on your face. Then we add hyaluronic acid, pharmaceutical grade hyaluronic acid, which is a critical hydration element. And finally, we add pharmaceutical grade coenzyme Q10 which is one of the most powerful antioxidants and rejuvenators in the body.

I‘ve actually looked into this. If your body and your cellular level of CoQ10 drop below a certain level, you actually start incurring DNA damage. What happens? Let’s say there’s a 20-year old version of you and there’s the you now, and you put the same meal in front of you. The 20-year old version of you eats that same meal and produces, let’s say, 200 mg of CoQ10 internally. I’m 39. The 39-year old version of me takes the same meal and produces 100 mg of CoQ10. As you age, your ability to synthesize the CoQ10 from food goes down. By taking in additional CoQ19, you’re able to offset this.

Then we’re going to come up with our internal formula of Zenith Youth Factor which is going to be a mix of the pharmaceutical grade fish oils with high-level of omega-3 completely pure, L-carnitine, and the ubiquinol, which is the reduced form of CoQ10 and I’ll tell you how that works.

The omega-3, besides having the DHA to manage your brain and the EPA to strengthen your heart, also helps to emulsify fat in your system. Once that fat has been mobilized, then we take the L-carnitine, which helps to transport that fat back inside the cell where it can be used. One of the things that CoQ10 does besides being an antioxidant is stimulate the mitochondria to start the ATP production cycle.

This interview will be continued next week in part 2.

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