Eric Guttmann Interview – Part 3

Here is a complete transcript of the Eric Guttmann Interview – Part 3 video:

Eric:  Distilled water and I added some agricolis and then, how do I get my protein? Protein powder. And then for fat I have a whole table spoon of flexi oil. So I’m using supplements as food as opposed to like a specialty because you know people can go off the deep end then there’s like all these things that don’t do the benefit because for it to work, you need to have your diet be 80% or more spot on where you need it to be.

Bud:  Right. So many people just get away with it for whatever reason and just get whatever reason—and while it’s convenience or laziness or just pure lack of knowledge

Eric:  Well, I’ve seen my partner, Chuck, explain the stack and it’s like, “So if I take the stack and eat McDonald’s and I’ll be healthy.” Oh no, you’ve got to fix your diet first and then the stack is—I’m taking it as an anti-aging stack but other people take it as a weight loss stack because if you take the omega-3 and the L-carnitine and the CoQ10, you’ll actually burn fat for energy and some people burn up to ten pounds of fat in like the first month or two and then it levels off.

Bud:  Very interesting. That’s why we’re hooked up with Eric, that’s why I’m talking to him because what he’s talking to you about is personal regime. This is not the company line. This is what I do for—even then, in fact, you and I had a conversation and I’m going to throw the line down that we talked about is we’re human guinea pigs. The reason why we’re disseminating information on weight [inaudible 0:25:40.5] because I’m the guy who’s nuts enough to jump in the pool with sharks and see if they bite. So if I want to get stronger, I want to try it on me. If I want to just get healthier, it’s very much riding on me then we’ll talk to you about it. I think that’s a huge thing to get into. Willingness to share about your personal regimen because a lot of— that’s a big thing in the fitness industry. to pick the same as three days, I’ll tell you my company line but what I actually do is different.

Eric:  Right.

Bud:  It’s not cool. We’re straight up, 100%.

Eric:  Well, ultimately what I’m doing right now which is again, my own personal experiment right now. My mother-in-law recently passed away. She had some ovarian issues, cancer, and I was researching what to do for her, I came upon the idea of liver cleanses and zappers. Have you ever heard of this thing called zappers?

Bud: No.

Eric: Well, there’s a woman caller Hulda Clark and she wrote The Cure for All Cancers and in it there is a liver cleanse where you basically don’t eat with fat the whole day and you take like lemon juice and Epsom salts and the next day, you take more lemon juice and Epsom salts. It’s structured and the people who’ve done it, they simply say that little green stones come out because that’s all your the bile ducts and your liver cleansing out.

I’ve had a personal friend do it, actually one of the investors in my company. I also had a Naval officer do it. When my mother-in-law fell ill, I started looking into the whole area of liver cleanses and also, it came out, this ideas of zappers. The idea is that you have bacteria, parasites, and viruses in your body and then if you’re able to send them electrical charge at the right frequency, you kill them but you don’t kill you.

As I was researching, there’s one called the Ultimate Zapper. My mother-in-law passed away so she won’t be using the zapper but perhaps it was one of these things that now I have it and one of the things that it says is something called eletroporation. It is that these charges that go in, because they are the millivolt or microcurrent, through your body actually make the cell wall more permeable which means that you actually absorb more supplements.

So I’m doing it in the morning, right before I eat my breakfast to see what the effect is on my CoQ10, L-carnitine, and omega-3 uptake. Also, I’ll do a liver cleanse this weekend. I want to see if the green stones come out. I’ve heard some people talk about the green stones coming out.

Bud:  I’ve heard about that, too.

Eric:  Now, it’s my turn to do it and I’m going to keep playing with the zapper because sometimes when I do take supplements with caffeine, I play with it just to see what’s—and I did feel increased energy right here. So the Zapper you can get it for something like $200. The one I like is from a guy in Canada but there’s like simpler models. But again, eletroporation, is that true or not?

Bud:  We’re going to find out.

Eric:  Well, I’ve only done it for two days but that is my current project because think about the possibilities. Something you were saying, supplements are only as effective as they get into the bloodstream. For example, there are certain vitamins out there that are very famous. I had a friend in the Army who looked at the latrines. He said you can still the brand of the vitamin when he was cleaning the latrines. So that means that he did not absorb anything.

In fact, when I was in the Walgreens one day, I remember they were talking about bioavailable versus generic because you could take 250 mg of the same things but you could put like concrete around it to make it real cheap for you to produce but when the person  consumes it and it doesn’t get into the bloodstream, that’s saying you got a cheap—so bioavailable means that it has to disperse in the bloodstream as well as the original brand of the pharmaceutical. Well, actually I think you should never take any pharmaceutical because they’re not good for you. That’s a separate discussion.

The whole bioavailable thing is that if the eletroporation actually increases the amount of supplement that you absorb, that has to be part of your strategy. I mean, that’s like someone protesting I’ve never even heard about.

Bud:  That’s a way to supercharge what you’re getting out of it.

Eric:  Yup.

Bud:  And you’re so right about the bioavailability thing. You don’t really notice that until you start studying these things and the mainstream information is so lacking in what’s going on. That’s the reason why we’re here doing this and introducing you to people and the whole thing.

Just as a commentary on that, a friend of mine was talking to me about this, magnesium. There’s like four or five different forms of magnesium and only one or two, your body can absolutely absorb. But the ones that’s most often are in your vitamins are just the cheap ones that you can’t—you literally can’t uptake it, you can’t do anything. So it’s truly just a complete waste of everything, your money and time.

Not only is it a waste, but it’s also potentially hazardous because not only can you not absorb it, you’re probably absorbing some portion of that of it as well as having to excrete or having to get rid of it. So you can’t absorb it but you’ve got to get rid of it somewhere and it’s got to do something. Those are never good consequences to have in that particular thing.

If you had to give people the basics and general prescription for health, because that’s kind of where you sit in this whole thing, besides the 800 different things you do. In my way, I stick, working Navy and I’m a pilot, a Krav Maga instructor, fitness instructor, skin care company, dad, and author. I’m big on wearing a hundred hats, too, cool.

So you have a ton of personal experience and things to work on but obviously we’ve just scratched the surface here with some of the stuff we’ve talked about as far as supplements. If you had to give people a quick, basic prescription really for health and longevity, what would you tell them?

Eric:  All right, first of all, I’d say the simple and direct way. If it’s not simple and direct, question it. So what would I say? Drink only water. I know there’s this huge distilled or spring water contro—drink only water. Water’s the thing that will clean you.

Second, try to make sure that 50% of the food in your plate is raw or organic. You can eat rice. You can eat chicken. You can meat, but try to make sure that you’re getting raw or organic vegetables and fruits into your diet.

Number three, joint mobility. If there is a fountain of youth, it is joint mobility. Number four, some type of meditation or qi gong. Number five, some type of exercise program that you like—It can be as easy as walking two miles a day. It can be as hardcore as what we do—But some form of fitness that you like.

Bud:  Because truthfully for longevity, I kind of come from that kind of hard world, at least exercise hard but some of the longest living people in the world, and that’s a big common factor. And again, enjoyment of life, enjoyment of what you do, and all those things play in. If your joints are mobile, you don’t walk around in pain. You move well. You enjoy your life. If you [inaudible 0:33:37.6] whatever else, you can do that, and you can enjoy life. If you’re exercising enough to be in good shape, you can enjoy life. You want to live more and better. If you have good taste in food that makes you feel good, you enjoy life and get better. All that works to play into that.

Eric:  I’m going to finish with a challenge which is, like I was telling you, when my mother-in-law passed away, we went through a lot of grief from the moment we were told that she was going to die, actually let’s say it’s like a week of crying among all the family members. When I was done, I tried to go back into training and I was weaker. I realized that there is a connection between your emotions, your health, and your performance.

So my challenge to you is to try to remain at peace internally throughout the day for as long as you can. With four kids and life, you know that that can be a challenge but that is a challenge.

Bud:  I think so much of that is in how you see that challenge, whether you see that as a positive or a negative challenge, Yeah, four kids is busy and running. Four kids is blessed. The moment how you see it, I would usually see it that way and sometimes even the greatest challenges that are difficult things to deal with end up as the biggest blessings. I think maybe the most [inaudible 0:35:14.8] and they teach us the most things.

Actually, a mutual friend of ours, Peter Ragnor, I asked him how do you maintain your relentless positivity in the face of people who are negative on a regular basis? He said, “You make it a self-challenge where you go into it with”—When I explain this to people, I always like the idea going into basic training. If you go in with the idea that every time somebody yells out you, you’re going to fall apart and you’re going to get angry, you’ll never make it.

But if you go in with the idea that I’m just going to do what I’m supposed to do regardless of whether somebody yells at me or not, whether their crazy, their angry, whenever they’re in my face, negative or whatever, I’m going to do the job. I’m going to keep going. I’m going to maintain that relentless positivity. You will both survive and thrive. That’s the secret to getting through, with my length of experience opposite yours and forgetting why it’s a such a huge thing. So take that as a challenge. How long everyday can you maintain positivity, can you maintain—

Eric:  And peace

Bud:  —emotional, peaceful community

Eric:  Promise, emotional control. Just like what Peter says, when you face a challenge, he says, “It was for this that I was training for.” In keeping them quiet and everything, I remember when I used it I was in California on one of these long, winding roads and it started getting dark and raining really hard, kind of like not such a—I mean I went on a pleasure drive and on the way back, it’s like you could hardly see and I felt myself getting annoyed then said, wait a minute and I thought Peter, “It was for this that I trained for,” and I made the drive back with low visibility a challenge. It then changed the dynamics.

Bud:  Absolutely. Absolutely. I hoped you enjoyed it and look forward to more stuff from Eric, look at his websites and you’ll see him obviously all over our websites and his. I’m looking forward to some of this stuff. It’s going to be very, very cool.

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