Extreme Military Fitness Elite


Dear Friend,

If you answered “Yes!”  then Extreme Military Fitness Elite is for you! Keep on reading to understand how it will forge the best version of you yet!

I got the desire to design a program that made you both STRONG and CONDITIONED at the same time.  For strength I would focus on heavy double Kettlebell work, for conditioning I would incorporate MMA type conditioning drills, and to tie it all together I concocted a little beauty called the Mental Toughness Circuit to develop your ability to gut things out when they get tough.

I kept on tweaking it for over a year on myself and others and through trial and error I finally hit upon a winning combination which is the fully developed 12 cycle program.

Here are just SOME of the components of Extreme Military Fitness Elite so you can see what’s in store for you if you choose to be ELITE!

Double KB Front Squats: Learn why this is the best exercise for building a strong foundation and increasing your strength in ALL your lifts.

Double KB Snatch: This is the BEST ballistic kettlebell drill by far and the most awesome expression of power in the human body.  Learn why the form for double KB snatch is different than the single arm version and why getting under the bells is critical.

Double KB Swing: This is one of the most powerful ballistic moves you can do with kettlebells for tremendous explosive power.  If you have access to a particularly heavy kettlebell then you can use single KB swings in the program.  I personally preferred using the single 105lb KB for my swinging.

Turkish Getup: Incorporated into the 12 week cycle are two recovery weeks where you do Turkish Getups exclusively to rebuild and recover.  This exercise works the whole body, is essential for building a strong midsection and has achieved an almost legendary status in healing shoulders due to its effects on shoulder stability and flexibility.

That was the STRONG part, how about the CONDITIONING part? Well, EXPLOSIVE power is critical for all sports.  For mixed martial artsists, it is essential.  This program will give you the explosiveness you need to perform by developing coordinated muscular action.

Agility ladder drills are used to develop quickness in the lower body while medicine ball drills are employed for full body work.  After the explosive circuits every single muscle you have will have been worked out EXPLOSIVELY!

These explosive circuits are strategically combined with the heavy double kettlebell work and one gymnastic like exercise to build a strong core of essential strength.  This training is critical for anyone who wants to perform at their best while remaining injury free.  Isometric circuits are also added to garner the freaky strength and regenerative powers that this type of training delivers which makes Extreme Military Fitness Elite a truly unique and one of a kind program unlike anything you have ever done before.

In addition to proper form on all these exercises and drills, lots more is covered including how to turn strength exercise into a longevity exercise, proper breathing, and tons of techniques that will carry over to any other form of training or discipline.

“Eric has created an intelligent program that will get you great results. What I really like about this is how it includes different aspects of fitness and strength, not often covered by many programs, and certainly not in one place. In Extreme Military Fitness Elite you’ll gain agility, explosiveness, mental toughness and lots of strength. At the Super Human Workshop I got to experience an earlier version of just one workout in here and I have to say it was not only effective but lots of fun too. Some of the extras like the high altitude and decompression training are worth the price of admission alone!”
Logan Christopher, Owner of Legendary Strength

There is over two hours of instruction including bonus material on using the High Altitude Elevation Mask to train in a hypoxic state and using gravity boots to recuperate and elongate your spine.  During the course of the program I added a half-inch to my frame!

In addition, this two DVD set comes with a FREE program guide that goes over the complete 12 cycle program and spells out each and every workout so you can make the most progress in the least amount of time.  Forget about trying to figure out how to apply “principles” into program design. No trial and error for you.  Extreme Military Fitness Elite takes care of that for you, which will save you years of frustration and get you STRONG, CONDITIONED and MENTALLY TOUGH in 12 structured and effective training cycles!

Three months from now, can you be absolutely sure that you will be stronger, more conditioned and mentally tough?  Well, with Extreme Military Fitness Elite, the answer will be resounding “Yes, sir!”  You have my word on that!

NOTE: This program is NOT for beginners, it is for the intermediate to advanced trainee.  If you are starting out then I recommend Extreme Military Fitness Basic to build a solid foundation and be ready for the rigors of the ELITE program.

Extreme Military Fitness Elite Course (Book + 2 DVD’s)