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“Extreme Military Fitness is How I Slashed 15 Seconds Off
My Personal Best on the Navy’s Physical Readiness Test
Run time Without Running a Single Day in Four Months,
Maxed My Push Ups and Sit Ups, and
Got in the Best Shape of My Life!”

Help Me Help Those who Have Sacrificed for Their Country
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Dear Friend,

It is no secret that the American, Israeli and Russian militaries have produced some of the finest and toughest soldiers of the modern age. The more elite the unit, the more Spartan zeal is displayed in every aspect of training.

This leads us to how these militaries have gotten their soldiers to peak physical performance levels. Was it with bodybuilding workouts and supplements? No. The answer was with good old fashioned functional bodyweight exercises for both the American and Israeli forces, and with kettlebells for the Russians.

This program is designed to get you in the best functional combat ready shape of your life in 12 weeks. You will learn and implement the tools and techniques that have been proven to turn ordinary citizens into highly disciplined fighting units.

What YOU can expect from Extreme Military Fitness:

1. Achieve combat ready physical fitness levels and burn fat a lot faster. I lost ten pounds without trying!

2. Only 6 minutes a week on pushups on average.

3. Radically increase your endurance inside 90 days and have boundless energy to get everything you need to get done through the day.

4. Only 12 minutes a week of abdominal work on average.

5. Train your mind and body to perform on demand!

6. Turn back the clock and look years younger as you do something to counteract obesity, poor heart conditions, high blood pressure and other deadly diseases that are afflicting today’s population as a result of stress, poor eating habits and a lack of exercise.

7. No gym required (one Kettlebell or dumbbell, 35lb for men and 24lb for women will be required).

8. 4 workouts a week, each under 30 minutes.

9. No fat loss or bodybuilding supplements required, save your money and your health!

10. No need for a single running workout, save your joints!

11. Can be done alone or with a partner.

Here is what people are saying about Extreme Military Fitness:

“Hey Eric! Just a quick update. This is my second week doing kettlebells with the Extreme Military Fitness course and already feel the difference…I can tell you this much…it has been quite a while since I woke up without lower back pain!!! It has helped me even with my running performance. The facts are the facts! I am running 6 miles a day again, it has been quite a while since I was able to do that without out running out of wind at 4 of the 6 miles. This stuff works!!!”
Joey Rodriguez

“What I love about this course is Eric’s intensity of attitude and achievement. He begins where we all begin – at the bottom of physical development. He then brings us step by step to an impressive level of athletic conditioning. EXTREME MILITARY FITNESS will take you to levels you’ll be pleasantly surprised with. Yes, levels you didn’t think you could attain! I highly recommend my friend Eric’s book and course!”
Peter Ragnar, Author of over 25 life-changing books and courses

“Move over, P90X®! Naval Officer Eric Guttmann uses his skills as a certified Elite Combat Fitness Instructor to create a new program that makes Extreme Military Fitness available to all who truly desire it. This no-nonsense program combines common exercises in uncommon ways to provide you the warrior’s level of conditioning that you have always wanted.”
Eddie Armstrong, Wisdom of the Mystic Mountain Warrior
Available at www.roaringlionpublishing.com

“Eric Guttmann has put together a simple yet effective program combining two of my favorite ways to train, kettlebells and bodyweight exercises. And he has taken the guesswork out of it by making it seriously step by step. You add the effort and you will get the result.”
Logan Christopher, The Definitive Guide to Kettlebell Juggling

It is my absolute pleasure to share this course with you. However, it is also my deep desire to help those that have served with me and have paid a much higher price than me to have the freedoms we enjoy. That is why I am giving away 20% of all the profits from the sale of this course to the Wounded Warrior Project. If you already have this course, consider donating whatever you can at www.woundedwarriorproject.org. Thanks!!!

To your success,
Eric Guttmann

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