Fountain of Youth – Resetting the Vestibular System

If someone could hand you the blueprint to resetting your body to regain your mobility, functionality, strength, balance and overall health like a Fountain of Youth – Wouldn’t you grab the chance at that moment?

This is that moment.

The Fountain of Youth series opens with the resetting the Vestibular System

What is the Vestibular System?  It’s the system of the body that teaches you how to move.  It’s where you get your physical movement skills.  It involves the Vestibular system of the brain:

  • Your Eyes – Which tell you where you are
  • Your Ears – For balance
  • Your feet – For proprioception for where you are in time and space

The importance of this is that there are 4 quadrants of strength.

Quadrant 1 – The Vestibular system.  This is developed from the you are born until you are about 20 years old.

Quadrant 2 – Is for contact athletes – These are people are very well versed in all ranges of strength.  High endurance, high strength – such as MMA or Full Contact fighters.

Quadrant 3 – The category most people fall into of general fitness.  People who just focus on one particular general fitness such as jogging, swimming, Cross Fit, etc.

Quadrant 4 – The specialist.   These are high level athletes who are tremendously skilled in one discipline as their goal or career.  Sprinter, Distance cyclist (Tour De France), etc.

Your system will default to Quadrant 1 first and if you have gaps in those areas of development or fluidity, it will carry over to whichever of the other quadrants you fall into in your training.   So by resetting the Vestibular System we’re looking to go back and fix those gaps by retraining the body and mind so you can improve regardless what your chosen sport, discipline or quadrant of strength may be!

Resetting the system begins with a series of Cross Crawls.  Four cross crawls will be taught and worked through and Eric will explain how he primarily focused on one specifically, The Spiderman Crawl, for the majority of the program and in the end saw tremendous gains in performance and training.

The program then explains and incorporates the phenomenal training effects of Systema, Coordination Drills and HIT, culminating into the final section of Program Design.  This way you can immediately apply the instruction and being resetting your own body to eliminate aches and pains, increase strength, mobility and endurance.

This program is quite literally a Fountain of Youth to rejuvenate, alleviate and recreate the profound fitness levels everyone was born to have, but rarely experience.

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