How One Naval Aviator Healed His Lower Back

I was training at the base gym of US SOUTHERN COMMAND using all the explosive moves that will be part of Extreme Military Fitness – Elite. There was only one other person in the so-called functional fitness area. As I was doing my circuit filled with sprawls, explosive clean and presses, pitbulls with the bungee cord, etc. the other man in the room made a comment during my rest period that “everything your doing is explosive.” I explained what I was doing and the rationale behind it and he loved it.

I also paid attention to what he was doing and noticed that he was working with gravity boots. When I asked him about it he mentioned that he does it because he healed himself from a lower back issue and now does it everyday as maintenance. ANYONE who learns how to SELF-HEAL has my attention! I immediately asked him if I could interview him. He said yes and I finished my workout. A couple of days later I was in his office with pen and paper in hand.

It turns out that this Naval Aviator was about to be NPQ’ed from the Navy, what that mean is “Non-Physically Qualified”, and it would mean the END of his flying career in the Navy and perhaps even his livelihood. Now I was really interested, here is his story.

During a playful match of football in the Navy when he was “in the best shape” of his life someone tackled him and apparently jarred his hips in such a way that it messed up some of his lumbar vertebrae. As the pain got worse he started losing control of one of his legs to the point that it started to atrophy. When he went to the Navy Docs they told him that he had a problem in L4 and L5 and that they really could not do anything to heal him, so they were probably going to have to NPQ him from aviation.

That’s when he told me that if he wanted to stay he would have to figure this out HIMSELF. He did a lot of research and came upon the gravity boots. He told me he originally started doing it for small amounts of time 1-2 minutes, three times a day RELIGIOUSLY. As he was able to tolerate more he increased it to his current standard of 6-8 minutes per session, three times a day.

He was able to heal his lower back, regain use of his leg, and more importantly remain physically qualified for aviation and now he is a Commander in the U.S. Navy still proudly wearing his flight suit in an Active Duty status.

I immediately ordered the gravity boots and started playing around with it. I first started doing three sets of 1 minute after my workout for three minutes total. Now I am doing three sets of 2 minutes for six minutes total and next week I will increase to three sets of 3 minutes of nine minutes total. I do this at the end of EVERY workout as part of my recovery routine and I have added and extra day where I only do stretching, the rumble roller, and the gravity boots for EXTRA recovery and to increase LONGEVITY.

The first time you do it you might actually feel a very slight discomfort as you start to stretch out and create space in your lower back, this only lasts about a week. However, while you are hanging upside down it feels really good and as you learn to relax it becomes a meditation. Then it becomes addicting and you want to do more and more. I now end all my workouts with the gravity boots and feel that it helps my physical recovery and STATE OF MIND immensely.

Another cool thing about hanging upside down is that it floods the brain with life giving blood and oxygen and I am firmly CONVINCED that this practice has a rejuvenating effect on the body. In fact, another friend of mine who happens to be a U.S. Army Airborne Ranger saw me doing my gravity boots and asked me if I had them. I replied “Yes!” because now I keep them in the trunk of my car so I can use them at a moment’s notice. He said he may borrow them from time to time because they used them regularly in his Ranger battalion and it had great effect on healing the spine and lower back as well as keeping you pliable and ready for anything. As you may know, U.S. Airborne Rangers are some of the toughest and most conditioned Elite U.S. Army Units.

I came home and my kids saw the gravity boots and they IMMEDIATELY wanted to try it. It is something that everyone seems to enjoy. Here are a few pics:



Here I am using my daughter Vianca Patricia as a “counter- weight” to further stretch my spine. As you can see both of us are having a blast with this!




Daughter using Gravity boots

Son using Gravity boots



Kids like this more
than so-called “grown-ups”!




If you want to experience greater health and healing then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND going inverted a couple of times a week along with joint mobility on a daily basis. I personally do my FULL mobility routine every morning and notice how beneficial adding the gravity boots three times a week has been. I also notice how easy it is to progress when you have FULL spine mobility. It is truly a win-win.

Also you can add the gravity boots at the end of Extreme Military Fitness course for a true conditioning and rejuvenating combo to live LONGER and HEALTHIER!

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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