How to boost your longevity and conditioning by boosting Growth Hormone production

Would you like to know a way that you can start boosting your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production through the roof and increase your conditioning, vitality, longevity and sexual libido too!  Oh, I almost forgot, they are also a great way to burn fat!

Well the answer lies in performing 5-10 minute drills at the end of your workout that are called finishers.  Finishers are basically high-intensity exercise.  You know you are doing it right if you are huffing and puffing and it kicks your ass.  While athletes have been doing finishers for conditioning since time immemorial, it was Dr. Mercola who really brought the correlation between this type of training and HGH production.  Google the Sprint 8 program to get more info.

I am going to give you 12 finishers you can add at the end of your strength training sessions.  Remember, the heavy lifts boost Testosterone and the Finishers boost HGH.  Do them both in your workouts and you will be priming your body to have a youthful output of these life enriching hormones, enhancing your health, strength and longevity allowing you to look, feel, and perform years younger than your chronological age.

Here is my list of 12 finishers from simple and no equipment to more demanding/more equipment:

1. Sprints

Sprints are the most basic and easiest to implement, not necessarily easy to do, but easy to implement.  You can do these anywhere. The best type is uphill sprinting.  If you do not have hills then you can use a treadmill. When done at the end of a workout I do 5-6 sets.  You can either pre-select a distance when running outside, for example up a bridge and then walk down, or you can do for time.  A good interval is 30 seconds on and 90-120 seconds recovery.  Avoid going full bore on your first sprint.  If you do 6 sets, start out about 30%-40% of your perceived max and then increase by 10%-20% every sprint until you reach 85%-100% of your capability.  If done at the end of your workout then 5-6 will be all you need.  If you are doing a sprint only workout, like the Sprint 8 program, then you can do 8-10 sets.

2. Jumprope

Jumpropes are very accessible and easy to implement, just add 3-5 rounds of 1 minute on/1 minute rest at the end of your workout.  I use a Lifeline weighted jumprope and it does quite a number on my forearms as well. Try it, you’ll love it!

3. Sandbag pickups

I learned this exercise from Steve Maxwell and I love it.  If you can do five 3 minute rounds without stopping with a 80-100lb sandbag or punching bag (1 minute rest interval in between rounds), you are conditioned for an MMA fight!

4. 100 punches As Fast As Possible (AFAP)

I learned this from my son’s MMA class.  Wow, this will really kick your ass and put your mind in the Alpha state when you are done.

5. Sledgehammer swings

I personally like to do 6 sets at the end of heavy weight training.  I will do 1 minute with a heavy sledgehammer (30lbs), 1 minute rest, 1 minute with a regular sledgehammer (8lbs), 1 minute rest.  That is one round and do three rounds like that.  At the end I will do one handed sledgehammer swings as a mobility drill and for fun.

6. Tire Flipping

Tire flipping is a great conditioning tool, you can do 3-5 sets of 1 minute each with 1 minute rest where you flip the tire As Fast as Possible for the time allotted.

7. Mental Toughness Workout

I developed this drill for my Extreme Military Fitness Elite course.  I recognized that Mental Toughness encompasses your ability to do that which you do not want to do and which is hard and inconvenient.  I asked myself what are the two things I would most detest to do right now and the answer came rolling of the tip of my tongue in an instant “Burmese and Mountain Climbers” So I created a drill that goes like this: 30 second Sprawl, 30 second Mountain Climber, Farmer’s Walk with 70lbs. 3-5 rounds at the end of your workout will be enough.

8. Barbell Compounds

These are a great way to use a Barbell for conditioning and get ripped while doing it too!  The basic scheme is to do 4 exercises for 6 reps each. Do 4-6 sets with 75lbs-105lbs.

One of my favorite combos is:

Barbell Row x 6

Deadlifts x 6

Front Squat x 6

Overhead Press x 6

9. Battling Ropes

If your gym has battling ropes you can do 5 rounds of 1 minute AFAP/1 minute rest.  Boom! You are done. That’s harder than it sounds by the way.

10. 100 Kettlebell Swings

I go this idea from Bud Jeffries where he originally went to 1,000 continuous swings, but that’s a whole workout within itself.  However, when training with others this is a great little drill to add at the end, as everyone can choose a wait that is appropriate to their level.  Do 10 single handed swings and then switch hands every 10 so that your forearms don’t give out.

11. Workman’s Comp

That stands for Workman’s Compound and not compensation. This is my mix and match of all the workman type implements I can get. A recent one I did was: Sandbag Pickups 1 min/1 min rest, Sledgehammer swings 1 min/1 min rest, Battling Ropes 1 min/1min rest, Tire Flips 1 min/1 min rest.  Do this twice, and remember all are done AFAP!

12. Sandbag Runs

I just did these thanks to my good friend Eric Fiorillo.  Get a sandbag or punching bag and run multiple distances. Here is what I did today. Squeezed the sandbag hard to get an upper body isometric contraction.

All were done with an 80lb sandbag, recovery was walking 1-2x the distance I ran.

  1. Run 60 feet
  2. Run 120 feet
  3. Run 180 feet
  4. Run 240 feet
  5. Run 120 feet
  6. Run 60 feet
  7. Run 60 feet
  8. Walk 60 feet

There you have it! You know have 12 ways you can start adding finishers to your workouts to boost you HGH output, improve your conditioning, and grow younger!



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