How to use Dead Stop training and Sandbags for Increased Size and Strength

I have been working with Eric Fiorillo on a program that uses Dead Stop squats in all position and Sandbags as a way to increase size and strength as well as serve as an introduction to stone lifting.  He calls it Knuckle Down training and it is going to be an awesome program once he releases it to the public.

Here is a quick overview of dead stop squatting and an interesting take on how to accommodate the lift using a lunging approach I developed from watching my son in wrestling practice.

Here I go into more detail why the speed of execution is important.

Now, let’s move into the sandbag and how to build one of your own.

This is what sandbag sprints look like.

Now the real details and programming will be revealed later when Eric Fiorillo releases 533 and Knuckle Down, but I just wanted to give you guys a quick look at what I was working on.

Learn what you can from this, train hard, and STAY YOUNG!

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