Anyone that starts delving deeply into health and longevity is sooner or later going to come up with the subject of immortality in the course of their research. While this can be a heated debate sometimes, I am going to summarize in the simplest and direct way what I have found out.

1. Taoist Immortality

Through the practice of Qigong and other internal work, aligning with nature, and the creation of elixirs, man can achieve immortality. While there is talk of a few immortals “in the flesh” most refer to immortality as developing yourself to the point of conscious awareness so that upon physical death you retain your consciousness and therefore can remain alive forever in energy form.

2. Inca Immortality

Through the practice of Shamanism and other internal work, aligning with nature, and through the study of Master Plants like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Toe, man can achieve intimate knowledge of the natural world and can stay in it in a body of light after physical death. These beings of light then visit their students and continue the teaching generation after generation.

3. Cryonics/Cryogenics

Like the Vampires “leaping through time” in movies like Underworld people can make arrangements to be frozen and then thawed out in the future when the technology is there to revive them and cure them of whatever disease ailed them. Currently this has to be performed AFTER LEGAL DEATH has taken place and is usually financed by bankrolling your life insurance for this purpose. A famous case you may have heard of is Walt Disney. While Robert Ettinger who is credited as being the intellectual father of this philosophy stated in his book The Prospect of Immortality that it would not grant true immortality, he emphatically stated that it would dramatically increase life span for man far beyond what is considered normal today. In his view, the deaths of today would be looked at as medical malpractice in the future.

4. Physical Immortality

Yes, there are people that are looking at the possibility of achieving physical immortality in the flesh right now. That means that they retain their body and their consciousness forever. While at first this may sound like a longshot, these are the people who are on the cutting edge of all the technologies that elongate life: Stem Cells, supplements, DNA manipulations, molecular restructuring, and in my personal experience they are taking the greatest care of themselves through diet, discipline, technology, mental focus, and lifestyle.

5. Health Span equals Life Span

I heard this idea from Dr. Mark Hyman, which states that currently a lot of people spend the last 10-15 years of their life battling some sort of illness, condition or disease and end up spending most of their money on this. Therefore they enjoyed life normally until it “got bad” and then they battled the last 10-15 with diminished quality of life. By taking care of our body now our Health Span can equal our Life Span, or as I simply explain it to people – TO LIVE AS LONG AS YOU CAN AS BEST YOU CAN! The causes of disease are divided into two main camps: 1) Lack of proper nutrition or 2) Toxic body. This philosophy gets the least resistance from people and is something that everyone can agree with. However, with that said, I draw heavily from what I have learned from my exposure to people in the first four groups when I talk to people or craft my training and Qigong programs.

There you have it, the five main currents of Immortalist thought that I have been exposed to. At one particular event I expressed my views that I could see with all the advances that we were making that it was plausible to achieve physical immortality. I then stated that we were pioneers and as some people started bringing up this notion that it has already been done in the past, I asked, “If that is so, then where is the 1,000 year old dude?” To which the quick reply was, “How do you know for sure that you have not already met a 1,000 year old dude?”

Food for thought!

All my best,
Eric Guttmann

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