Muscle Mysticism – Esoteric Experiment 2: Electromagnetic Meditation using Zappers

I have mentioned Liver Cleanses in previous articles and highly recommend that everyone do them once or twice a year. If you have a health challenge then you NEED do it more often. The best book on Liver Cleansing is The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clarke.

According to Hulda Clarke’s experience, she claims that there are only two health problems. Regardless of the symptoms, from chronic fatigue to mental problems, she says that there are only two things wrong: they have pollutants and/or parasites. She also discovered that every thing (living and dead) has a specific frequency. Every virus, bacteria, parasite, fly, plant, mammal, has its own unique frequency. If you can run a current with the same bandwith as the pathogen you would kill it. Hence she describes how to build zappers in her book which show you how to do it yourself. However, you can get many quality zappers already built through the internet.

I personally use the Ultimate Zapper and found out it has an added benefit over most zappers. The Ultimate Zapper is also capable of electroporation. Electroporation is when an electric current is used to temporarily increase cell permeability. This increases the uptake of any vitamin, mineral, or supplement you take and can greatly enhance your recovery and the process of rebuilding the immune system by helping to deliver nutrients to cells more efficiently. A company called Inovio Biomedical is commercializing an FDA approved electroporation zapper, called the MedPulser Electroporation Therapy System, for use in hospitals and cancer treatments to facilitate the delivery of drugs through the electroporation effect. For a zapper to be effective in electroporation it needs to have a duty cycle over 88%, the Ultimate Zapper is near 100%, but most commercial zappers are in the 50% range.

Zapper and electroporation treatments are conducted in three 7 minute treatments separated by a 20 minute rest intervals. What I decided to do was to “zap” for 7 minutes when I woke up while drinking my water and supplements, meditate for 20 minutes, then do healing sounds while zapping for another 7 minutes, then doing Qigong, and zapping for 7 minutes while I did breathwork after Qigong.

The electroporation effect is REAL. I decided to take my pre-workout supplement in the morning while electroporating instead of mid-morning prior to working out. The stimulant effect was increased, but due to the fact that I was meditating and running the current through my body it created what I call “nature’s speedball.” My body was relaxed and aware while my mind was alert. Instead of being jittery or overexcited, I was mentally focused, dialed in, and my body was open and relaxed. Later on when I did Qigong I was really able to feel and direct the energy a whole lot more! It was one of the best sessions I ever had in my life.  I am now doing on a daily basis.

Since nature like to pair electricity with magnetism, I decided to put two magnets on my body while running the zapper and meditating. Both the zappers and the magnets help to de-agglutinate the blood. Agglutinated blood is believed to hamper oxygenation and fibrin is considered by many alternative practitioners to be an indication of cardiovascular stress. Zapping reduces agglutination and fibrin in the red blood cells.

For a an actual photo of red blood cells before and after electroporation, check out the Ultimate Zapper webpage at:

By the way if you order the Ultimate Zapper let me know in the comments section below so I can get you and me a $20 cash back through the referral program. 😉

Finally I started adding acupuncture needles to my morning meditation while zapping and while wearing magnets. One of the best points to put an accupuncture needle in is Du 20 (Bai Hui, or Hundred Convergences). This point is located at the top of the head, where the “crown chakra” would be. This point is the intersection point of the 6 yang channels and the Du meridian. Its functions and indications are: “Upbears clear yang & arouses the brain, quiets the spirit & settles the will and emotions. It treats insomnia and mental restlessness.” I am also playing around with needling the yuan or source points, because as the name implies these points allow you to tap into the source qi of the internal organs.

The first time I did all three I had a very deep meditative effect and while doing the breathing session at the end I had one of the greatest feelings of expansion and relaxation. It was as if the breath was able to go in effortlessly to each cell of my body and there was increased space in my body. When I got to work I ACTUALLY felt my brain in the most pleasant way, as if it was turned on and very aware, yet I was very relaxed and able to think clearly and articulate myself calmly and professionally.

If increased mental alertness and focus with deep physical relaxation sounds cool to you then give this a try. Where can this practice take you? What new levels of health can you achieve doing this? How would your day be different if it started like this?

I hope you have enjoyed Esoteric Experiment 2 and garner benefit for yourself from it. In my next article I will discuss why I consider Sexual Viability one of the keys to youthing and how one simple exercise applied in two different ways can boost your sexual performance almost immediately.

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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  1. Samuel Newsome Reply

    Once again Eric AWESOME post!!!! I remember reading Ms. Clarkes’ book a few years ago and actually bought one of her zappers which I used for awhile – did notice some positve effects back then (over 5 yrs ago now); Which of the Zappers do you use (Model)/or recommend? Thank you again for sharing this!!!

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