Muscle Mysticism – Esoteric Experiment 3: Sexual Viability and Increasing Sexual Performance

I attend many seminars and conferences as research in my quest to Live as Long as I Can as Best as I Can. One thing I have always pondered is “what is a good indicator of youthing and what is the determinant factor that aging has overtaken a person?”

The best answer I have come up with is Sexual Viability. I have shared this insight with some of my friends at anti-aging conferences and they heartily agreed. It seems that the fastest and easiest way to determine if what you are doing works and if you are aligned with life is Sexual Viability. Are you able to have sex and are you an attractive candidate to the opposite sex based on vitality and virility? If the answer is yes, then congratulations you have Sexual Viability.

The opposite of this can be seen in the expression “dirty old man.” This brings up the idea of an unattractive male who is always looking at younger women and making off-handed remarks, BUT that if that female where to present him with the opportunity for sex the guy could not perform unless he stuffed his face with a handful of Viagra.

Hence a man or woman who is Sexually Viable has an effective youthing/anti-aging program. A recent example of this was an article on Suzanne Somers in the Enquirer.


While she is 67 years old, she still looks attractive and sexually viable. In fact she admits to having sex on a regular basis. Now in today’s age of plastic surgeries and Photoshop I do not know how accurate that picture is, but in spite of all of that, she still looks vibrant enough to be sexually viable.

OK, now that we have established Sexual Viability, how do we go about it? Well, one of the obvious answers is by keeping youthful hormone levels. OK, and how do you that? Well, there are various ways of doing this from all natural to hormone shots, but for this article I will focus on three simple things I have found that ramp up Sexual Viability.

The first one, of course, is nutrition. I will not go into too much detail here as I have other articles and a FREE 10 page report you can get at which cover it extensively, but I will say that you need to eat REAL foods. Also you need to ensure you are getting a healthy fat, protein, and carbohydrate at every meal from a natural source.

For example, something I find very powerful is having a raw and organic shake in the morning. I soak 1/3 cup of organic oat groats overnight to release the enzyme inhibitors and soften them up. Then in the morning I blend the following in my Vita-Mix: 2 cups distilled water, 1/3 cup organic oats, 1 large organic beet, 30-45 grams of high quality protein, 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil. BAM! This type of nutrition will keep your hormones happy and your energy soaring all morning.

Now for the interesting part. There is ONE thing I have found that increases your sexual performance like crazy. This tells me that it increases testosterone and Sexual Viability. It is ONE exercise you already know but performed in TWO very special ways.

This magical testosterone boosting shot of an exercise is THE SQUAT!

Now while in the past I would have squat sessions that would require 1-2 hours to recover I found a way to have it increase my energy along with an uncanny Viagra like effect. The crux of this is to stimulate Test production with heavy weights and then GET OUT of the gym! The best way to do this is with a Rest Pause variation explained by Mike Mahler in which you take a heavy weight, about 85% of your 1 Rep Max, and do 10 reps. You do one perfect rep, rest for one minute, and then do another perfect rep and keep repeating this pattern until you have ten. I would warm up with some joint mobility, do a couple of warm up squats, knock out my ten squats, and then LEAVE THE GYM!

Here is what it would look like if my 1RM was in the 335lb range:

1. Joint Mobility
2. Squat 135lbs x 5
3. Squat 185lbs x 4
4. Squat 225lbs x 3
5. Squat 275lbs x 2

Work Sets
1. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
2. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
3. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
4. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
5. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
6. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
7. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
8. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
9. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min
10. Squat 315lbs x 1 / rest 1 min

Here is the next very important step: LEAVE THE GYM IMMEDIATELY!

If heavy squats are a limiting factor for you due to injury, you have not trained in a long time, or just plain old FEAR, then there is an alternative way for you to consider.

This exercise is the Isometric Squat with weight. What you do is take a couple of dumbbells and go next to a wall. Sit against the wall as if you were in an invisible chair with your thighs parallel to the floor. Now place the dumbbells right at the crease where the thigh meets the hip and hold. Now there are two ways you can do this, one is to go for a medium weight for two minutes or to try a heavy weight for one minute. The key is to have the weight create a rushing sensation into your genitals when you take the weight off. If you do it right you will feel it, no words are necessary. If you do not get this feeling then the weight was not heavy enough or you did not spend enough time on it. Have a timer or a wall clock you can monitor while doing it and see which approach works best for you. Currently I like to use two 50lbs DB for the 2 minute version and two 100lbs DB for 1 minute.

Now here comes the FUN part! This is an experiment right? An Esoteric Experiment in Athletic Alchemy to boost Sexual Viability correct? What you do is have sex on the day that you perform this workout and compare your performance to your “baseline.” If your performance improved then you know you have a winner. That should be some research you look forward to! 😉

While the supplement and hormone injection route involves money, I always liked the story about a CEO who felt he had lazy employees because all the solutions they offered were either purchasing new equipment or hiring expensive consultants/services. So he told his employees that from now on when they are discussing a problem with him they needed to propose three solutions: two that do not involve any money and one that does. As soon as the rule was implemented a lot of no-cost answers were forwarded and the bottom line was improved. I have given you two FREE solutions – the heavy Rest/Pause Squat and the weighted Isometric Squat. While you are already spending money on food, I have given you one simple shake that you can make with minimal investment using all natural ingredients.

Please try this out and send me your feedback. I EAGERLY anticipate some of your stories and have a feeling that it will make for some very interesting reading. Man, if it wasn’t for recovery I would do Heavy Rest Pause Squats EVERYDAY! HA! HA!

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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