My “Heavy Metal Strength Meditation” Part 2

It is amazing how quickly the body adapts to new training when you concentrate SINGLE MINDEDLY on it. If you read my previous article “My Heavy Metal Strength Meditation” then you might be aware of my three goals:

1) Flip the 300lb tire 100 times in 20 sets of 5
2) Flip the 300lb tire 50 consecutive times
3) Flip the 300lb tire 100 consecutive times

Originally it was the forearm strength/endurance that was the limiting factor. The first time I had to stop at 50 because I was unaccustomed to training in the open hand position. Most training is done holding an implement, so when you flip a tire you use your hand in an uncommon manner. This is good because it helps to fill in a gap in your strength training.

What is interesting to me is how quickly my body is responding to this training. I have already achieved goal number 1 of 100 tire flips in 20 sets of 5 reps in three weeks from starting the program. To achieve goal 2, I am adopting a twice a week workout inspired by Champion Dru Patrick’s training method which he calls “8 days a week.”

Dru Patrick

Dru Patrick

The focus of my training now is on doing 5 sets of as many reps as I can on Monday, with the goal of hitting 50 on my first set to accomplish the second goal. Today I had originally planned to do five sets of 10, but I felt so good after the first 10 that I did 20 consecutive tire flips on my first set and 15 tire flips on the remaining four sets. For my next Monday workout I can already see me hitting the halfway mark of 25 consecutive tire flips. Once you get over the halfway point then it is all downhill.

I also added a recovery breathing method I learned from Jon Haas in his Evolve Your Breathing program and noticed that it did calm me down and improve my recovery time. Upon finishing a set I would take three breaths where I would exhale all the air from my upper, middle, and lower body, and send it all the way to the ground and then inhaling as I raised my hands and filling my body from the ground up all the way to my head. To really understand what I am talking about by receiving specific instruction in it and how you can incorporate it into your training then I highly recommend you get the Evolve Your Breathing program here.

Evolve your breathing

Evolve your breathing

Prior to today all my training was done explosively. I was doing two metered explosions at maximal capacity with the 300lb tire at every workout. First I was “exploding” it from the ground up to my chest using mostly my lower body with coordination from the upper body and then I was doing a second “explosion” using mostly my upper body coordinating with my lower body when I pushed the tire for it to flip. I would feel the first explosion in my legs and butt and the second explosion in my chest and triceps. Because these were done close to maximal, after 5 reps you would start to minimize power output.

Upon implementing my new strategy of the Monday and Thursday workout, I decided to go the opposite route for the Monday workout. If Thursdays are like a sprint done at 85%-95% of your potential then Mondays are like a marathon done at 60%-65% of your power. On Mondays I UNIFY the whole body as a single unit and strive to be as efficient in my movements as possible, instead of sectioning the tire flip into two distinct “explosions”. What I train for is one smooth and connected movement tied in to the breath. Instead of “exploding” the tire two times I just need to flip and push it with full body connection. When proper form gets jeopardized then I stop. On Thursdays I want to get as close to 100% as I can in my explosions, and honestly after the first three reps, you are aiming more at 85%.

I have never done tire flipping before and I am really excited to see what comes out at the end of this experiment. Having the strength and conditioning to start from zero and be at 100 tire flips in three weeks is a true blessing!

Whether you are doing this training or any other, to recover faster try my full mobility program here.

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Extreme Military Fitness

Extreme Military Fitness

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Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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