Never affirm anything about yourself that is not true. – Matt Furey

I love that finally someone came out and plainly stated this.

Matt explains that when you try to affirm something that your body knows is a lie your subconscious is not going to accept it and NOTHING will happen.

To prove his point this white, head shaven, under 6 feet tall man affirmed things such as “I am dark,” “I am very hairy,” “I am very tall.” While this was said in jest, it proved his point when he asked “Now, did any of these change me?”

Of course the answer was no.

He said the same applies to people who affirm “I am a millionaire” or “I love money and money loves me” when they are flat broke.

The best thing to affirm is a statement of your goal. Another myth that Matt breaks is this insistence that goals be affirmed in the present tense. If your goal is going to be achieved in three months from now then that is how you should state it if you affirm it.

Even better is to look at yourself in the mirror and while pointing with your finger claim with all the EMOTION you can muster “I WANT TO (whatever you want to accomplish)!”

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann
The Self Reliance Manifesto

The Self Reliance Manifesto

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