Do you have a plan to get STRONG, CONDITIONED and MENTALLY TOUGH?

If you do not have a plan you have a wish or a desire.  You may have seen someone with these skill sets and characteristics, been inspired and would like to develop them in yourself.  Maybe, some things happened in your life and now you NEED to develop these skills due to a recent loss in the arena or in real life.
Well my friend, if you do not have a definite plan with a beginning and an end (even though technically there is never an end) then you have a head full of dreams.  Maybe you lack the knowledge to do this safely and effectively.  Perhaps thoughts of “Where do I begin?” or “What would I do?” are going unanswered in your head right now.  Or perhaps they just got answered.
For the last year I have devoted myself to building just such a program that would develop your STRENGTH, CONDITIONING, and MENTAL TOUGHNESS at the same time.  Now, this is NOT a program for beginners!  This is a program for the person who has been training and wants to take it to the next level.  If you are just starting out or you have not trained in over two years then I recommend you start with Extreme Military Fitness Basic which will get you fit and conditioned in 12 weeks.  After those 12 weeks, THEN you would be ready to tackle this program.  This program is when you have hit a plateau in your training or when you realize that to get to the next level you are going to have to take things up a notch.
Originally the idea started when I was discussing with another group of  trainers and youthing enthusiasts the paradigm that when you train for strength you gain size but loose a little bit of conditioning and when you focus on conditioning you lean out but loose a little bit of strength.  So I became enraptured by the idea, “what does the training program that gives you strength and size while being fully conditioned look like?”
I started to research and experiment.  To make a long story short I came upon the following conclusions.  To get strong you need to lift heavy using the compound movements.  To get conditioned and explosive what better way than to incorporate the training drills from MMA that makes fighter last and go the distance in the ring.  Finally to tie in the mental component, I developed a little drill called the Mental Toughness Workout which sets out to do just that, test your mental toughness against tough drills for time – it’s the workout you love to hate, but then suddenly can’t live without it as you start to improve.
Using what could be called the “military approach” I pushed my body to the breaking point and then I scaled it back.  There is no need for you to get injured figuring it out on your own, I already courted with that.  Then I would get people who were at a basic level of fitness and see how they tolerated the program.
Most of the people loved it because it was so different from their ho-hum weight training routines from magazines.  Also, it was tough! By the end of the workout they felt they accomplished something and they were hitting muscles they did not know they have.  They were challenged and became better after the workout for having gone through it and sticking it out!
I have repeated the process over and over for the last year and I have finally distilled it into a 12 cycle tactical blueprint that incorporates all the essential components in the safest and most effective manner.  You see, the program design itself is as important as the training drills themselves.  If you do it right then you exponentiate your results in a safe and effective manner.  If you do it wrong you overtrain, get injured, and get little to no results, taking you a couple of steps back instead of forward.
Thus, I am very proud to be finally able to offer you Extreme Military Fitness Elite, your tactical blueprint for becoming STRONG, CONDITIONED and MENTALLY TOUGH!

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