“Real Deals” in Health and Healing

During my travels I get to meet many people and foster many friendships. Over the course of the last few years some individuals really stand out in helping others in regards to health and healing. I wanted to highlight some people that I have personally met and worked with.

My criteria for choosing a Real Deal is their ability to help others with a tough case, like cancer, using their knowledge and abilities, usually baffling their medical doctors in process but ending with a “keep doing what you are doing” final recommendation.

Stephen Santangelo


I met Stephen a couple of years ago based on an introduction from Bud Jeffries.


Stephen is probably one of the most knowledgeable guys out there on nutrition that I have met and he reads something like 14,000 pages of research documents every year.

I personally use his Magic Minerals and Greens blend almost religiously.

What merits him on this list is his success with certain types of cancer. One of his proudest recollection involves pancreatic cancer, because patients are only given three years to live upon diagnosis and he has a client alive and well at the six year mark.

The Magic Minerals and Greens blend are within anyone’s budget and one of the greatest things you can do for your health. You can contact him on facebook and I am completely confident in recommending him to anyone without any reservation.



If you ever have a chance to go to Yellow Springs, Ohio make sure you go to Village Herb Shoppe.

Here I met a traditional herbalist named Owa who has a simple yet very effective three pronged approach to health management.

First he recommends Jiaogulan (Gynostema), which he calls the Herb of Immortality, for its ability slow the aging process and strengthen the immune system. He mentioned it is one of the few herbs with double direction activity, meaning it can be consumed in the morning for an energy boost and can also be drunk at night to help you relax and wind down – you can get Ron Teeguarden’s Spring Dragon Longevity Tea.

Second is Bee Pollen because it is an excellent full body tonic and helps to rejuvenate the skin, hair, organs and muscle – raw and local is best.

Finally, and the reason he is on this list is because he makes his own “Tea of Life”, which is the famous Essiac cancer fighting formula used by nurse Cassie from Canada. Owa learned the formula directly from an Ojibwa Medicine Man and he pointed out that Essiac has only four of the eight herbs in the formula, however the original formula was also meant to sustain the Ojibwa in case they did not have any food on a long trek. We had an interesting conversation where he mentioned the number of tumors that were wither reduced considerably or completely gone thanks to this Tea of Life which he personally makes and sells for about $10 a month. Google Village Herb Shoppe to contact.

Charles “Chuck” Carroll


I have been friends with Chuck for over 6 years and I am always impressed by his knowledge.

He owns and runs the Health Shoppe in Jacksonville, FL.

Lately he has had success with two cancer patients and that is what merits him being on this list.

While he can give you a much more detailed analysis of his strategy, I have distilled it down to three things: detox the body, restore Natural Killer cell activity, and alkalize the body – because cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline body.

He told me he starts them on Florescence which is the same as the Essiac formula to detox the body and remove the “sludge” from the organs, then 30 minutes later he recommends IP-6 to restore Natural Killer Cell activity and also oxidize bacteria.

He has them take high dosages of CoQ10, Glutathione, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Beta-Glucans and Omega 3-6-9 with meals, along with a specific meal recommendations, and in-between meals he has them take an alkalizing green drink.

Since traditional cancer chemotherapy has a 3% success rate toward five year survival, he mentions that even though “two” is not a statistically significant number he is still batting a 100% success rate because the two that he did help have overcome the cancer.

Now all the friends and family from these two persons are calling Chuck for assistance with their health problems. You can call Chuck over the phone for a consultation and he can ship the products he recommends straight to you, his phone number is (904) 641-4410.

On the next segment I will cover Spiritual and Energy Healers.

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