Simplicity is Genius. – Moni Aizik

Moni Aizik is the founder of Commando Krav Maga (CKM). As an ex-Israeli Special Forces soldier and a seven time national judo champion in his home country, he is capable of making a complex system of self-defense that only tough Special Forces types could do.

However, his belief is that CKM “has to work for a 14 year old girl.”

It has to be as simple as possible for it to be effective in the real world.

When experienced martial artists learn from him the phrase you hear the most is, “That is so simple! Why didn’t I think of that?” Based on leverage and body mechanics, knowing how the body works is one of the best assets that CKM provides its practitioners. Knowing that a wrist bent at 90 degrees has very little gripping power forms the basis of the gun disarm (not being in the line of fire when the gun goes off is the first premise of a gun disarm). By using the whole power of your body against the forearm muscles of a gun wielding assailant, you are able to turn his wrist 90 degrees. Once you have accomplished that, peeling the gun away from his hand becomes a very achievable task.

Of course repeated practice is what will actually give you the skill. The point being that, if properly executed, a 14 year old girl CAN take the gun away from a larger and stronger opponent.

Another tenet of CKM is that when faced with a difficult situation, having too many options takes away from reaction time. Moni says that he does not understand the logic of bragging about knowing 50 different ways to take away a gun pointed at your forehead and knowing 50 different techniques for a gun pointed at the back of your head.

Instead, a better approach is to have one technique that you can apply to gun disarms regardless of whether the gun is at your front, side, back, or whether the gun is held on the left hand, right hand, or both hands.

In other words, instead of 50 techniques for one application, he prefers one technique with 50 applications. By being clear on execution you minimize reaction time as the mind is not searching for which of the 50 techniques it knows to choose from.

The same applies in life. By simplifying your life you maximize your execution power. When you maximize your execution power you are closer to your true genius. Simplifying your life will require you to first be very clear on what you truly want and what your values are. Then you can align your thoughts, purposes and activities with what is really important to you.

The thoughts, people, and activities that do not harmonize with your purpose and values you can choose to drop from your life. While you may HAVE to deal with people or activities that do not harmonize with your purpose and values from time to time, you can avoid and neglect them until they wither away from your life, just like a flower that gets no water.

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann
The Self Reliance Manifesto

The Self Reliance Manifesto

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