Spiritual Contracts

It is amazing what time can do in regards to wisdom and perspective. I recently read something about spiritual contracts, how two or more souls may agree to something before being born and then they come here to the third dimension to carry it out. While we may have an overarching purpose in life, we can have many spiritual contracts with many different souls to learn and accomplish many things. So those individuals in our lives that have caused us pain, annoyance, and have done “bad” things to us leading us to change our direction and grow MIGHT actually have served a higher purpose we BOTH agreed to before being born. This can help us to see things in a different way and give our emotions a chance to calm down from past perceived injustices.

I recently saw the movie Men of Honor for what must be the tenth time. As a Naval Officer I enjoy these type of movies and the more time I have in the Navy the more I can appreciate certain things. It was not the same movie to me as an Ensign (the first naval officer rank) than now as a Lieutenant Commander. This is because now I have lived and understand things about the Navy that can only be learned through experience.

In the movie Men of Honor, which is based on the real life of U.S. Navy Master Chief Carl Brashear, a young Cuba Gooding who plays Brashear joins the Navy and sees Robert DeNiro playing the part of Master Chief Leslie Sunday, a U.S. Navy Master Diver. Upon seeing him Brashear knows that this is what he wants to do in the Navy and in life. Fighting tooth and nail against the racial discrimination of the 1950’s he writes over 100 letters to finally get accepted into the U.S. Navy Dive and Salvage School. While at the school he again runs into Master Chief Sunday who while instructing him in how to be a Navy Diver makes his life miserable and is ordered by his Commanding Officer to fail Brashear. During the final examination Sunday rigs it so that Brashear would fail the test, but due to his unrelenting commitment he completes the requirement and Sunday passes him, for which the Commanding Officer punishes him by reducing his rank and shipping Sunday to some less than desirable duty.

Then Brashear has an accident in which he loses one leg and gets a prosthetic limb. Brashear wants to finish his career in the Navy, but the Navy wants to retire him. Sunday reappears in Brashear’s life to help him win this last battle, partly to smite and piss off the officer that ended Sunday’s diving career and is now looking to do the same to Brashear.

The first time I saw this movie it was all pretty straightforward. A young black man enlisted in the Navy with the desire to make something out of himself, and if life in the Navy was not hard enough by itself, he had to fight racism and discrimination every step of the way. An old crusty Master Chief who was the best at his profession, but also full of the racial bigotry of the time makes his life extremely unpleasant. This also toughened Brashear’s resolve to become the best diver he could be and to tough it out no matter what. In the end we have a Master Chief who recognizes Brashear’s talent and desire to make something out of himself and comes around full circle to help him out.

Now, this movie has a lot more deeper meaning when I look at it through the lens of the spiritual contract. Imagine two souls agreeing to all of this before hand for the purpose of developing one another. One would come in white and a couple of years earlier to learn the trade and teach him, but he would not only teach him the trade, he would teach him about resiliency and triumph through hardship and pain. The other would come in black in a time where it would limit your options, hence the first one had to come in white, and would accomplish something that had not been accomplished before by a person of that race, thereby opening the door for all the other members of that race.

Now, was there a real Master Chief Sunday? No, its a composite from different sailors. However, the idea of spiritual contracts made me watch the movie again “for the first time.” It also made me think of how many of our situations in life fall under spiritual contracts that we are not aware of. Some of these we become aware of after the passage of time, but when we are dealing with things in the present it is harder to see. When you are right in the middle of dealing with difficult situations and people, it feels a lot more like “you motherf%$#@r!!!!!” and that’s OK, apparently its supposed to be that way.

On the bright side, what spiritual contracts did we agree to with our mother, father, wife, husband, children, and anyone who is an important and significant part of our life? How many lessons did our parents come here to teach us? I bet most of them in one way or another revolved around love. Now that I have children I understand that. Its only when you have children that you understand what “unconditional love” means. In some ways, our children help us grow more than we help them.

Whether they are enjoyable or otherwise, we are reaping the results of past contracts and the current contracts being implemented right now. As far as I can tell all these contracts are usually put in place for our personal growth. May you be the wiser for knowing about these contracts and discovering what lessons you have agreed to learn in this lifetime and who you have agreed to learn them with.

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

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