What happens if you can’t deadlift or pullup and still want to get STRONG, CONDITIONED and MENTALLY TOUGH?

That was the exact position I was in when I was developing Extreme Military Fitness Elite.  I was nursing injuries in my lower back and elbow/forearm that prevented me from doing these two staple exercises.

Well, I am happy to report that not only did I get in the best shape of my life I totally healed my lower back and elbow/forearm.  You see, part of the problem with injuries is that you have to completely STOP doing the things that make the problem worse.  Yes, you can do rehab exercises, but if you are re-injuring the area every week by continuing to do the exercises that aggravate the problem then you will never heal.

I am happy to report that I have been deadlifting, doing rope climbs, and pull-ups to my heart’s content without any pain whatsoever.  One of the keys of Extreme Military Fitness Elite is that you strip away all the fluff to the core of what actually works in the real world.  There is a very strategic combination and integration of strength and explosive work that allows you to keep on improving even if you are injured.

One workaround that I added in the course was the explosive pull up exercise that I picked up from Kevin Kearns and his work in training MMA fighters.  In the explosive pullup you jump up to the bar and focus on the last ¼ of the pullup movement.  This is to improve your ability to pull a fighter towards you when you are “in the clinch” and need to explode at a very short range with bent arms to control your opponent.

Another key component that expedited my STRENGTH and my HEALING was the incorporation of ISOMETRIC circuits into the program design.  After attending the Super Human Workshop with Bud Jeffries and Logan Christopher I was exposed to all the ways that isometrics can be incorporated into a program and the freaky increases in strength that come along with it.

I can give you three examples of FREAKY strength from isometrics. The first two are Bud Jeffries who has been playing around with this since he started interviewing the legendary Steve Justa who built a lot of his uncommon strength with isometrics.  These two individuals together are stronger than the sum of most men in your average gym combined. The third example was given to me by Steve Maxwell when he informed me that the European rope climbing champion said that doing isometric pullup holds, both two hand and one handed, was the “secret” to his incredible strength and winning streak.

Personally I can state that doing the isometric wall sits with 100lb Dumbells on each leg DID make me stronger and also enhanced my recoveryThe hardest 60 seconds of the program for me was the isometric pullup at the top position. While most moderately “fit” people can probably do 30 seconds on the pullup hold, it takes training, determination, and mental toughness to reach the one minute mark. I challenge you to achieve this accomplishment as well!

I am very proud to be finally able to offer you Extreme Military Fitness Elite, your tactical blueprint for becoming STRONG, CONDITIONED and MENTALLY TOUGH!

Even if you have injuries, there is always a way to train and improve.  You now have the way, a tactical blueprint for success that takes 12 cycles of determination to complete.

Get it now, but ONLY if you are ready and willing to put in the HARD work that will take you to the next level!

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