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Healing of Neck and Vertigo

In everyday matters joint mobility also saves the day. If for some reason you sleep with a craned neck and you wake up with neck pain you can easily and quickly get rid of it or reduce it significantly before you even head out to work by doing joint mobility. I have done so on

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Healing and Protecting the Lower Back

In my last article I mentioned how I healed a sprained ankle myself using joint mobility. Now whenever something happens I can quickly and easily fix it myself. For example I was training my heavy snatches with a training plan I wrote for myself. This plan laid out progressively heavier snatches as I got stronger

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Healing An Ankle Sprain

I frequently attend health, youthing, anti-aging, and training seminars along with travels all over the world regarding health practices. I always make it a point to ask both presenters and experts in the audience what is the number one thing that they have SEEN bring about the greatest results. The answers are varied and very

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