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Fearlessness vs. Courage

“Words matter.” I have heard this sentiment many times when drafting international agreements between the navies of the United States and the partner nations in Central and South America. Some words might commit the United States to do something they did not agree to do and create a false expectations in the partner nation. This

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The three traits for a more authentic life

Recently I was in a conference call and someone mentioned the word “exquisite” and how beautiful it sounds as well as the deep and rich meaning it conveys. We made it a fun game to come with some new “words” for the next conference call. At first I was going to open up a dictionary

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“Are you happy with your life?”

I recently went back home to Puerto Rico and spent some time with my father. He told me some of the latest events in the family and recounted a lot of what has happened in our family.  I could see a man of 76 years who was taking the long view and evaluating his life. 

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