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Raw Foods, Fasting and Performance Nutrition

Have you ever wondered what the best nutrition for performance is? I have and have come to the conclusion that the subject of food and food choices hold the same level of emotional commitment and irrationality as religion, politics and sex. People will defend and attack what people put into their mouths with the zeal

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10 Ways to Increase Recovery

Just as important as raising your mental toughness is increasing your recovery quotient. Here are some ways I have found from personal experience to increase recovery. Try them out and let me know how they work for you. 1. Have a do nothing day I originally got this idea from one of Bruce Lee’s books.

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10 Ways to Build Mental Toughness

Mental toughness is a key characteristic of long lived people and of anyone that seeks to make his or her own way in the world. While you could join the Navy SEALS to build mental toughness and see if you have what it takes, here are 10 things I have personally found that build mental

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