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If you had to write your own fitness rules, what would they be?

If you were to strip away everything you have been led to believe by magazines, society, and other people and instead developed a set of rules based on what you personally experienced, what would they be? My personal philosophy is that nothing is real until I experience it. Based on my experience, which no one

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How to Get Your Hormones to Optimal Levels Part 3

In the last two articles I mentioned how to structure your nutrition and workouts to maximize Testosterone (Test) and Growth Hormone (GH). In this article I am going to cover supplements that I have personally used to raise Test. SUPPLEMENTS 1. Maca. If you have read my How to Raise YOUR Testosterone report, then you

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Quantity of Supplements to Take

“Simplicity is genius!” – Moni Aizik During a recent trip to Peru I brought along an interesting array of food supplements to experiment with: royal jelly, maca, “7 Seeds mix”, noni, and camu camu. I started taking them all at the same time with the intent of noticing the differences in my performance and well

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