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My Heavy Metal Strength Meditation Part 4 – THE RESULTS: Leaner, Stronger, Faster.

For 8 weeks prior to my Navy Physical Readiness Test (PRT) I developed a program focused exclusively on Tire Flipping.  If you have been following these articles then you know that the main goal was to achieve 100 consecutive tire flips with the 300lb tire with an emphasis on tying the breath to the movement. 

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My “Heavy Metal Strength Meditation” Part 2

It is amazing how quickly the body adapts to new training when you concentrate SINGLE MINDEDLY on it. If you read my previous article “My Heavy Metal Strength Meditation” then you might be aware of my three goals: 1) Flip the 300lb tire 100 times in 20 sets of 5 2) Flip the 300lb tire

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