Telling the Truth as a Spiritual and Body Strengthening Practice

A couple of months ago I was doing an experiment where I went through every organ and muscle group in the morning as a meditation and I would go deeper and deeper. It would take me over two hours to do the whole body. For example, I would feel and visualize my brain as an organ. Then I would go deeper and magnified the image until I was in the tissues. Once I got into the tissues I would then go deeper and go into the neurons. Once I went into the neurons I would go deeper and go into the molecules. Once I saw the latticework of molecules then I would go into the atoms. From there I would go into the electrons and the protons. I then asked, “well what comes before the electrons?”

Energy and information.

“So where does the energy and information come from?” I would ask myself.

From the life inception point.

“What is the life inception point?” I would ask myself.

This would be the pre-physical decision point that determines the energy and information that feeds and is communicated by the electrons and the nucleus of the atom to the physical body and keeps it in place.

“And what does that mean?”

It means that at the life inception point you have to make a CHOICE between life and death. Once you choose life then that decision feeds the energy and information that crosses over into your body in the third dimension. Then all the electrons in your body will hum and vibrate at the same frequency like a divine choir singing in perfect tune. At this point I felt and visualized all the atoms in my body vibrating as a single unit, like if they were a divine choir of angels, whereas before they were all going in different directions.

When all your atoms are in tune, then the molecules align and restructure themselves. In my mind eyes I saw how the latticework started to align itself so all the loose ends would move and achieve a “perfect” order.
As the molecules restructure themselves then the individual cells would be working in “perfect” order. I then saw the cells vibrating in unison and communicating with each other as a cohesive whole, as all the wastes process and inflammation went away and subsided in my mind’s eye.

When your cells are perfect then the tissues are perfect and working optimally each doing their specific function. I then saw my tissues coming alive in my mind’s eye and voluntarily taking on the role they are assigned to.

When your tissues are perfect then the organ is perfect. When the organs are perfect and working in perfect harmony and unison then your are in the life mode. In the life mode you are working in perfect health and can start to control your life.

As I was getting amazed with all that I was learning or making up, you decide, I said to myself “yes, I am in perfect health!” Then I clearly felt a thought in my mind which did not originate within myself. It said that for this to work that I HAVE TO TELL THE TRUTH otherwise everything is negated.


In order for your decision at the life inception point to have any power and effect you must tell the truth all the time. Otherwise your decision to choose life has no power and no effect. It is only when you speak the truth all the time that your words will become true. The minute you lie you tear away at the integrity of whatever you have said and slowly unravels the structure of your physical body.


For your words to have power and carry your will you MUST SPEAK THE TRUTH otherwise nothing you say will have any power or consequence. The structure of your physical body at the energetic, molecular, and cellular level relies on your vibration of truth to hold the creation together.

If you say something different about yourself everyday then you are tearing down the foundation on which you are building your life and the building will never get off the ground.

I started to realize how important this is and of course this was tested at the most inopportune times. One time I returned from travel, had to work the next day, and forgot to set my alarm. I woke up 15 minutes before I am supposed to be at work and realized I would be late. I called my “boss” and said that I would be running a little late and that I would be there shortly (but I definitely knew it would not be in 15 minutes). When he asked “Why?” my old self wanted to come up with a reasonable excuse, but I realized that even though I would be criticized and made fun of, I had to tell the truth. When I got to work he tells me, “well, you can’t tell the General that you are late for a meeting with him because you forgot to set your alarm.” Yeah, for a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy this was a pretty lame situation to be in. I told the truth and kept my integrity intact and in a weird way I grew stronger from it as my willingness to take my licks and face the music built up my self-confidence even though I was somewhat embarrassed by the situation.

There are countless little examples like these everyday both in your personal and professional life. Eventually it becomes a habit. Now you do not have to disclose information you would rather keep private, but you are very clear in recognizing truth and lies in yourself and others. For example the other day I was going to film parts of my new course Extreme Military Fitness Elite with my wife. While I was in the car talking with my wife I tell her how excited and energetic I am that I am going to do this and how this does not feel like work at all. I then go “See how enthused I am about this, that’s how I want to feel all the time about what I do.” I then quickly realized I needed to admit, “Now, part of the reason is because I have taken my pre-workout supplement and it has stimulants, and I recognize that, let’s just get that out of the way, but I am also very happy in what we are doing.” You see, now I kept my integrity intact.

Try this for yourself. Instead of a multiple of rules, rituals, regulations, and relying on other people or institutions for your “spiritual” practice or development just try telling the truth for 30 days. Really tell the truth. If you are ever asked something you do not want to answer or you do not know then say that boldly and truthfully, but avoid lying and making up stories for the next 30 days. Then you will find it starts to become a habit. Then your words will have power. Then your body will have integrity.

Hence telling the truth is a spiritual and body strengthening practice.

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann
The Self Reliance Manifesto

The Self Reliance Manifesto

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