The Greatest Dichotomy in the World

As a student of life I am constantly experimenting with myself. My latest experiment involves practicing certain sounds in the morning to vibrate and tune my internal organs, energy centers, and glands. My goal is to actually feel the vibrations in the areas I am working. I am going deeper into this practice everyday in preparation for a seminar I will be doing with my good friend Jon Haas called “Raising Your Vibration and Chakra Bodybuilding.”

In the past I have done meditation and/or Qigong in the morning. One of the best ways I have seen prayer and meditation explained is that prayer is the sending out of energy and information, and that the cleaner and clearer your heart and mind, then the better your transmission. Meditation on the other hand, is the going quiet in your heart and mind to actually RECEIVE an answer and be able to listen to it. Qigong is energy work, tying the breath with the mind to direct the energy in the body.

What I am doing right now could actually be termed an “anti-meditation”, because you are so busy internally that you are anything but quiet, even though on the outside you are motionless and in the end you feel like you meditated…and then some! I go through the major organs and vibrate them with the healing sounds: lungs, kidneys, liver, heart, spleen and three dan tien. Then I go through the Chakra system and vibrate and activate each one individually with the correct tone. Finally, I light up all the internal glands of the body: pineal, pituitary, thyroid, thymus, pancreas, adrenals, and testicles. You are always “busy” and are moving from one thing to the next, its actually really fun to do. In the end it is like tuning your whole body. There is a great book I have NOT read, but the title expresses what I feel afterwards perfectly, its called Tuning the Human Instrument by Dr. Steve Halpern.

For some reason today I remembered the definition of prayer and meditation and decided to experiment with it. I candidly and honestly asked with my heart and my mind, “Ok, if I can receive a transmission then what’s my download for today?” This would be the transmission part. Then I emptied my heart and mind, which was easy to do after vibrating the whole body, to see if I would RECEIVE anything. Of course, nothing happened immediately, but then, almost imperceptibly, a notion whisked through my mind. Almost like a remembering an inner knowing, I became aware of the fact that we are both “the greatest thing” that has ever happened and absolutely “nothing special” in the grand scheme of the Universe at the same time. Then I felt that I was given enough and the thread started to dissipate and I had to expand on it. Before it went away I asked “What is this?” and the answer was “the greatest dichotomy in the world” and I quickly wrote it down.

You know to be honest with you, I really wanted to have a solid first hand account of a direct experience. I wanted to clearly see and hear any spiritual beings to see if they really exist. I really wanted to RECEIVE a transmission. Otherwise I default to the notion that my subconscious mind produced the information. We have all heard or read accounts of people who have so-called direct experiences from another realm and receive guidance. I wanted that “A-ha” moment, but all I got was a twinkling of a hint of an idea. I really wanted to see for myself what is real and what is not. Perhaps I got just what I wanted but still need the wisdom to recognize it.

As I took this and started to reflect on it I realized that it is true. As far as our individual lives are concerned, we are the greatest thing for our spiritual development that has ever happened in this lifetime. As such, our body is the prime vehicle and laboratory for this, hence we have to take really good care of ourselves to keep this miracle going. Who manifested this miracle? To be alive and aware right now is the greatest thing you can have. If you can read this then you are alive, you are literate, and you are probably more prosperous than you think, as you can access the Internet and all the information it provides. That is not the case in all over the world. Think about that. Once I realized this I was filled with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

As I looked at the other side of the equation I also realized that each and every one of us are nothing special in the grand scheme of things. The world and the Universe will go on if you choose to depart this Earth without skipping a beat. Sure some people might mourn your loss, but in the grand scheme of things, the Sun will keep on shining, black holes will keep on having a gravitational pull, new galaxies will be born, the planets will keep on executing their orbits around the sun and the solar systems around the Universe. Once I realized this I was filled with an overwhelming sense of humility. We need to temper our ego so that our humility allows us to always BE open.

I also want to point out my version of humility speaks to the confident and honest recognition that you are a very capable being but that there is a lot to be, learn and do. You do not know everything, and if you ever think you do then you are done, game over, you lost. However, in the recognition that there is always more you can become, you need to always be open for that opportunity and humility is the vehicle that allows that to happen. That is what I personally mean when I am referring to humility. I want to make clear that my definition of humility is different than the notion some people have attached with the term of the low-confidence groveling person that other people trample over because they never stand up for themselves and have no faith in their abilities. Strike this from your mind right now! You need to be a badass that can kick ass if needed, yet choose to remain humble most, if not all, of the time out of respect for this thing called life.

In a previous article I mentioned how important courage is, by tempering it with gratitude and humility you have the best means of succeeding in your endeavors. With courage, gratitude and humility you can take care of your greatest asset, YOU, and learn whatever you need to learn, whether it be diet, philosophy, exercise, martial arts, or any skill set to have the greatest experience here on your time on Earth.

Remember, if you are not growing, then you are falling behind. When you think you know it all then growing stops. Growth is life and entropy is death.

It has been an honor and a privilege to share this with all of you. I look forward to meeting some of you personally. Perhaps some of those I meet will become good friends and pivotal pieces in the new reality that I am creating for myself and my family right now.

All my best,
Eric Guttmann
The Self Reliance Manifesto

The Self Reliance Manifesto

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