The “Mental Toughness” Workout

I want to thank all of you who have purchased Extreme Military Fitness and let you know that each purchase is helping the Wounded Warrior Project. Right now I am in the process of creating and developing Extreme Military Fitness – Elite, which will focus on strength, explosiveness, and athleticism. After writing (and reading) my blog on mental toughness I have decided to incorporate a “mental toughness” workout as a regular part of the program.

This “mental toughness” workout deals specifically with your ability to endure and persevere. At the end of the workout you will have a feeling of personal triumph. This workout is composed solely of “nemesis” exercises, you know the ones you suck at or detest, preferably both. I remembered Bud Jeffries talking about building up to 5 minute sprawls, so I would start with that, I know my distaste for mountain climbers so I followed with that, and I know how challenging farmer’s walks get once you are past your grip strength point. After writing my first “mental toughness” workout I was a little nervous heading into the gym.

Since I am in pure experimental stage I decided to start slow and add a little to each workout over time to see exactly what the best ratios are and how much the body can take. I took a Gymboss timer and set it for two 30 second intervals. Here is the first of many “mental toughness” workout to come. All exercises are done one after the other with ABSOLUTELY NO REST!

“Mental Toughness” Workout 1

Do one circuit/ drop the Dumbbells and walk once or twice around the basketball court to recover/ Do FIVE circuits

  • 30 seconds – Sprawls
  • 30 seconds – Mountain Climbers
  • Farmer’s Walks with 70lb Dumbbell in each hand around a whole basketball court

Doing sprawls aka burpees

By the end of the fifth circuit I had to “place” the weights on the ground for 5 seconds or so every 50 feet because my fingers were starting to open and wanted to avoid dropping the weights on the basketball court. Yes, this workout was mentally tough! Yet the effects of the workout were immediate in that I KNEW for a fact that I had faced my fears and endured. You will hold your head a little higher upon completion because you challenged yourself and WON! Upcoming mental toughness workouts will include tuck jump burpees, more mountain climbers, more sprawls, and anything else that is “detestable”. Of course once the Extreme Military Fitness – Elite course is developed I will try it out on others to see what needs to be modified as I need a greater number of guinea pigs other than myself to prove it is an absolutely AWESOME program. This was the case with Extreme Military Fitness, I implemented it on my Commando Krav Maga instructor and myself first and both our conditioning levels went THROUGH THE ROOF! Then I tried it out on “regular” folks and saw a need for an “indoctrination” period to get someone off the street ready to perform and up to speed SAFELY. If you are fit (or think you are fit) you can start on week 5, if you want or need a build-up phase then start at week 1.

The feelings of the “mental toughness” workout stay with you days after the workout and allow you to take on everyday challenges with more confidence. Also I am finding out it allows you to tackle the other components of Extreme Military Fitness – Elite (which are demanding yet FUN and enjoyable) with more zeal. These activities include double heavy kettlebell work, agility ladders, explosive medicine ball work, intervals, isometrics, and much more. Stay tuned because it is going to be awesome and the absolute BEST program I have put out to date!

Finally if you want a taste of mental toughness just add 45 seconds holding the pullup in the UP position to the end of your next workout!

All my best,
Eric Guttmann

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