What Bothers You the Most = Your Life Purpose

I was listening to a CD while driving and it mentioned that if you can identify what bothers you in the world then you are closer to knowing what your life’s purpose is.  I thought about it and the one thing that really bothers me is the UNNECESSARY pain, suffering, and lack of quality of life that people deal with associated with “the ravages of aging.”  Every time I drive long distances and have to eat at a restaurant you see the same thing, people in their sixties or seventies moving around with a walker, horrible posture, and an air of defeat.  Underneath the warm smiles and tired bodies there are good people who were sold a wrong bill of goods and are now paying the bill in full.

Most people readily believe that you are supposed to accept decrepitude as you age and that there is nothing that you can do about it.  This is what bothers me most in the world.  I remember having a conversation with a Chilean Naval Officer and he was mentioning that he used to run triathlons in his twenties and that now in his forties he is far from the shape he used to be in.  Then he went on to say that “no one works out when they are 60.”  Every time I hear one of these statements I quickly counter them in my mind and then I replied that Jack Lalanne worked out two days before he died at the age of 96 and he died peacefully in his sleep.  There was no degenerative disease or extended hospital stays in Jack’s case, just a life of health and fitness.

If what bothers you most is an indication to your life purpose then my life’s purpose is clearly to allow people to live long and healthy lives with FULL use of their bodies for as long as they want to live.  In fact, my life’s purpose is to have people live in such a way that they can choose when they die… or if they want to, live and stay.  There are countless examples in the Native American tradition that I have read about and some in the Buddhist tradition that have been personally relayed to me of people that simply wake up one day and while being in good health inform their tribe or group that they have chosen to depart that day.  They get everyone together and they perform a group ceremony and by the end of the ceremony they have left their bodies.  We all probably know an example of someone, perhaps a family member or friend of the family, who was supposed to be dead three weeks ago because their physical body was done, but because they were waiting for a son or a daughter to arrive from a far away place, they remain alive on sheer will power. Once they were able to see that person they die the next day.

So in one case these people chose when to transition while enjoying full use of their body and in another a person whose body was no longer able to sustain life was kept alive by willpower.  All this leads to the power of the mind and your beliefs about life and living.

Here is a list of 10 recommendations to share my life’s purpose with you:

  1. Eliminate all beliefs of decrepitude associated with aging.  You are as healthy as you want to be.  Yes, you will have to WORK for it, but you must accept with every fiber of your being that you CAN live a long healthy life.  Just look at Jack Lalanne, if he can do it so can you.
  2. Start drinking only water, preferably distilled, spring, alkaline or vitalized, avoid tap water and eliminate all sodas from your life except for special occasions or on your indulgence day.
  3. Increase your uptake of raw organic fruits and vegetables.  A great recommendation that was made to me was to aim for a 51% ratio of raw fruits or veggies in every meal to help you digest the cooked food and keep enzymes high.
  4. Associate with healthy, positive people who are living examples of living a life full of possibilities.  This is extremely important because if you only have the kind of friends that are constantly sharing all their health problems and negative attitudes about life and aging with you then it starts to create a link that health problems are “normal.”
  5. Spend more time in contact with nature.  I have written about grounding before and it keeps on amazing me how this simple act of having direct contact with nature creates a meditative state naturally WITHOUT going through any complex rituals or effort.  Also, there are a lot of health benefits associated with the Schumann frequency, which is the Earth’s natural resonance.  Being locked up in concrete buildings, wearing shoes, breathing air-conditioned air, and basically everything associated with modern living insulates us from the Schumann frequency.  I have tried some gadgets that you connect to the grounding plug of your home’s electrical outlet that claim to provide the benefits of grounding and it is NOT the same, not even close.  You need to be in direct contact with nature, there is no substitute for that.
  6. Read stories of people and associate with people who are healthy and triumphant examples of living well into their 50’s and beyond.  All you need is to read, hear, see, or meet one of these persons to suddenly create that shift in your consciousness that says “If he can do it, so can I.”  Then start to learn what they DID and imitate their example.  My friend Logan Christopher read about the Mighty Atom and how he did a feat of strength using his hair.  Logan successfully achieved a similar feat.  This is something truly incredible that an individual who has passed from this Earth can influence people long after they are gone and have them increase their strength, health and quality of life.
  7. Do FULL Mobility everyday for the rest of your life.  Yes, everyday.  It is amazing that in today’s modern world people DO NOT have full use of their body.  It took me three months of daily practice to regain full use of ALL my joints. Hey, I could squat 405lbs, deadlift 350lbs and bench 365lbs so I thought I was healthy, when in all honesty it meant I was STRONG, which is GREAT.  However, if you want to be strong and HEALTHY for a long, long time then you need to have FULL mobility in ALL your joints.  I currently do 80% of my training is internal for longevity to include mobility, qigong/meditation, and other regenerative practices and 20% external physical training focused on strength and conditioning.  You can get my FULL Mobility course here..
  8. Engage in Physical Exercise. For health and longevity the simplest plan I came up with is my How to Raise Your Testosterone naturally which has you training once every five days.  It involves heavy compound moves and really works on optimizing hormones.  You can get this as a FREE report when you sign up for my free newsletter here.
If you want something that will get you in PEAK condition and help you lose weight, training four times a week and getting really proficient with bodyweight and kettlebell exercises, then I highly recommend Extreme Military Fitness Basic.

  1. Read uplifting material on a regular basis.  Make it a goal to read AT LEAST one book a month that increases your knowledge on motivation, health, strength, fitness, nutrition, and longevity.  Do some research and find the subjects and authors that resonate with you.  A great starting place is Listen Up!  For another list of great books check out my previous article: 10 Books That Changed My Life.
  2. COMPLETELY RESTRUCTURE you life so that you are in complete INTEGRITY with your life’s purpose.  This can take months or years and is always a work in progress.  A lot of the stress in modern society stems from the fact that people spend the majority of their life and energy doing things they do not like or want to do for money.  They get addicted to the money and they never actually live their lives and achieve mastery.  We have all been there and we are all slowly awakening to this fact at our own individual rates of growth.  I am working on this right now as everyday I strive to increase the percentage that I am working from my life’s purpose until it is 100% everyday.  I am not there yet, but my batting average is increasing day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year.

There you have it, 10 ways to share in my life’s purpose.  Seven are completely FREE and 3 you can adopt for a minimal investment that will yield returns for the rest of your life when implemented with heart and vigor.

May you ALL live long and prosper in perfect health!

Very respectfully,
Eric Guttmann

8 comments on “What Bothers You the Most = Your Life Purpose”

  1. Samuel Newsome Reply

    Hello Eric! I just wanted to comment and thank you for once again such an incredible and inspirational post!! I’ve followed your writings (starting with your great “Listen Up”!) since you joined up with Logan and Bud and all of you continue to inspire and raise the bar on giving us the truthful information on how we can efficiently improve our lives and fulfill our potential – constantly reminding us that there is no excuse not to do SOMETHING everyday towards making that happen! Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and we know that you’ve only scratched the surface! Take care…

  2. Eric Reply


    That’s awesome! When you are living in your purpose as you are you are fighting decrepitude head on and at your best! Always an honor and privilege to interact with you.

    All my best,

  3. Eric Reply


    I truly consider it an honor to interact with each and everyone of you. My goal is to be as candid as I can be in what I am doing so that you can see the “experiment” as it unfolds. I appreciate you and your comment very much. Thanks!

    All my best,

  4. Richard Ayers Reply


    This has to be the most amazing article that you have written that I have read. That is one bad part of us not being stationed near each other right now; not being able to exchange ideas and keep each other as motivated as we did last year. Hope to maintain our friendship and contact for years to come.

    Warm Regards

  5. Eric Reply


    Thanks! I consider our friendship one of the greatest rewards from my last tour at NS Mayport in Jacksonville, FL. As always I am only a phone call away…

    All my best,

  6. Josh Reply

    Good article. Made me think… I am most bothered by childhood obesity, out of shape sedentary teenagers, and kids that lack confidence or have poor guidance (from school and/or parents). Perhaps I should find ways to get more involved in youth programs or something.

    • Eric Guttmann Reply

      Yes, children are the future and we need to be very careful about the ideas and concepts that take hold in their minds. Please keep me posted on what you end up doing, perhaps we can share some ideas. 😉

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